In the heart of Hamburg, a city known for its rich history and vibrant culture, 27-year-old Cheeky Cate leads a life that defies conventions. By day, she seamlessly blends into the crowd, appearing like any other young woman from the tranquil town of Neumünster. Her appearance would hardly hint at her true profession, making it easy to mistake her for the student next door or the trendy office worker from HafenCity. The truth, however, is that Cheeky Cate is a sex worker.

But Cheeky Cate story is far from the stereotypes that often surround her profession. She challenges preconceived notions not only by paying her taxes, like any other working citizen, but also by leading a wholly ordinary life outside of her profession. Her routine involves cherished moments with her dog, Loki, strolls along the Elbe, and visits to the gym. It’s a life that demonstrates how appearances can indeed be deceiving.

Yet, when the sun sets and darkness envelops the notorious streets of St. Pauli and the Reeperbahn, Cheeky Cate delves into the world’s oldest trade. For seven years, six days a week, she’s been a sex worker, defying the norms and conventions associated with her profession.

Her uniqueness doesn’t stop at her unconventional career. When approached by the “Kiezjungs,” a local group, Cheeky Cate decided to embark on a second venture – a “whore tour” through St. Pauli. This daring initiative is a historic first in Germany, where an active sex worker guides tourists through a district known for its nightlife and entertainment.

What sets Cheeky Cate apart is her unwavering determination to go public with her profession. Not only has she shown her face and embraced her identity as a sex worker, but she’s also committed to shattering the clichés that persist. She actively advocates that sex workers do indeed pay taxes, contrary to common misconceptions. Her openness and courage are reminiscent of another trailblazer, Domenica, who fought for the rights of sex workers during her lifetime. Like Domenica, Cheeky Cate isn’t one to shy away from the spotlight. She has no qualms about voicing her opinions to politicians, particularly concerning the ban slogans from Bavaria that she vehemently opposes.


 Cheeky Cate’s story challenges stereotypes about sex work. She exemplifies that behind the shadowy veil of stereotypes and preconceived notions, there are individuals leading double lives, confronting the world with courage and challenging societal biases. Cheeky Cate’s dedication to her profession, her open advocacy for change, and her commitment to paying taxes demonstrate that the world of sex work is far more complex and multifaceted than it might seem at first glance.