An office environment requires a functional and efficient storage area; for this reason, the organisation of your storage area is essential. Your office space needs to be designed with ample and effective storage. This will ensure that your workspace is clutter-free, regardless of whether you want to store large files, books, or anything else.

In addition to providing enough storage space, managing your office space effectively is beneficial for the mental health of your workforce. Furthermore, optimising your plastic storage drawers will enhance your employees’ productivity, creativity, and job satisfaction.

In addition to free-standing units and portable storage drawers, plastic storage boxes with dividers and stackable and wall-mounted drawers are also available.

Let us look at a few storage drawer ideas for your workplace.

Storage idea 1 – Install storage drawers beneath your work table

Is your workspace or table strewn with office stationery? Like a stapler, post-it pads, or pen/pencil on your table just because you need them all the time? Instead, you could install storage boxes beneath your table and place items you regularly use. This way, your table remains clutter-free and organised. Do you want to customise the drawers to match your décor? You could do that with our plastic storage drawers. Keep the items you frequently use in the top drawers and store the least used accessories at the bottom.

Storage idea 2 – Portable storage drawers

Portable cabinets are an excellent choice for storing larger files and making the best use of your limited space. With wheels on the cabinets, it’s even easier to move them from one corner to another without removing their effects. Our portable cabinets are available in various sizes, colours, and designs.

Storage idea 3 – Stackable under desk plastic storage drawers

For offices with space constraints, stackable storage boxes are the best choice. Stackable under-desk plastic storage drawers come in various sizes and dimensions so you can customise the storage boxes as per your space. The best way to utilise these storage drawers is by keeping these boxes under your desk or work table for more space.

Storage idea 4 – Free-standing racks

A wide range of sizes and dimensions are available for free-standing racks or drawer towers. It is easier to see what is stored inside free-standing drawer towers because they are often made of clear plastic. These sturdy and low-maintenance drawer towers come in steel or plastic frames. They are perfect for almost any workspace. 

Storage idea 5 – Tilt drawers

The best solution is slide-and-tilt drawers for tall storage units. The rails on these drawers allow them to be tilted, so they can be slid out safely without putting the user at risk.

Storage idea 6 – Wall mounting storage

A wall-mounted cabinet is perfect if you have an empty wall in your office space. A wall-mounted cabinet is perfect if you have an empty wall in your office space. If you have an exclusive closet or storage area, you could use plastic storage shelves.With our high-quality plastic storage drawers, you can keep your office space organised. To take a look at our storage drawers, visit RS.