How do you practice referrals, choose a consul, or save half the work? Take these into account when the thesis season is still far away.

Work ahead: already in the second year of the bachelor’s program or the first year of the master’s program, start listening to the classes with the thesis topic in mind, so that when the topic is chosen, you can easily point out what really interests you.

Be aware of the deadlines: most universities and colleges have access well in advance, when you have to choose a topic, how long you can look for a consultant, and when you have to submit the finished thesis at the latest. Keep these in mind.

Get to know the scientific style: if you are not studying in the humanities or social sciences, it may be difficult if you did not practice how to write a scientific paper during your training. At the same time, most universities have an optional course on this, which you should take.

Practice correct referencing: many university and college students have trouble preparing the bibliography and proper referencing, so you should practice it already during your studies, when you are submitting.

Save half the work: not only can you practice referencing, but you can also write a part of your thesis in advance, if you prepare the assignments, workshops and research during the entire training in such a way that they can be included in your thesis.

Choose a consultant wisely: keep in mind that you are looking for something different in a consultant than in a good teacher. Be someone who is critical, but will stand up for you if necessary. It’s a classic trap if you choose the favorite of the year: with twelve specialists at the same time, there will hardly be enough time for you.

Choose your topic wisely: of course, the most important thing is that you are interested in the topic, but at the same time, check whether it has suitable literature and how well your questions can be researched.

Narrow down the topic: keep in mind the scope of the thesis when you choose a topic, and also how much material you need to read in order to write about it well-founded. Ask the opinion of your consultants.

Prepare a detailed plan: calculate backwards from the submission deadline, so you will need exactly seven weeks to write the thesis, prepare the research, collect and read the literature, and proofread.

Do not procrastinate: it is very difficult to deal with the thesis months in advance, but believe me, it is not worth procrastinating. Prepare the plan already in the semester before submission, and review the literature as soon as possible, because two months will hardly be enough for this.

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