We are large fans of writing with pens and Rock books. We assume this is not what you expected. However, you may be surprised by the amount of research on the benefits of writing compared to typing text on a computer or electronic device. More importantly, the findings.

The benefits of writing with pen and paper

Train your brain

 Writing is a highly complex sport. Not only are you moving your hands to write, but your brain is directing your hands. At the same time, your brain and muscles keep in mind and recall the letters you wrote. Also, you have to come up with the words you want to write. Thus, the areas of the talent responsible for thinking, language, memory, and muscle motion are activated at the identical time! Now, if you compare it to typing bulk pens, you do not have to take notes on how to write a letter or how to put it on paper. This is less tough for your brain and therefore produces less brain activity. It has even been suggested that older adults may also benefit from continuing to write on paper as they age.

Emotional connection

Everyone’s handwriting is different. When you suppose about it, it is a very intimate thing. You are the only handwriting written your way. Don’t forget that handwriting can also reflect emotions. Now in digital writing, that emotion is changed by emoji, bold and italic letters. But none of this can exchange the way you write a letter, inserting emotion at once into it. Draw them by making them extra flirty, higher or smaller, curly or straight in the sentence. Most digital texts also lack the correction and creative method of adjusting the text. To hold this visibility, it is possible to show what the writer was once thinking at the time of writing that he felt was not exactly expressing his feelings or thoughts

Remember better

Taking notes with pen and paper instead of a computer can help you better digest and take note of the information you are listening to. For example, in an account where it is impossible to write down the whole lecture, you have to immediately rewrite the facts into your words and filter out only the key parts. When you are taking notes on your computer, it is almost easier to write down what you simply heard.

Prevent online distractions

Another benefit that I think is clear to anyone is that you do not get distracted online when you are not using digital devices. There can also be complete silence around you. The only element you want is your very own ideas, pen, and paper. You can also suppose it as exercising in actual introspection.

Is it difficult to draw with a pen?

Drawing with a pen takes years of practice. This is why pen and ink are so strict and relentless. Yes, it’s hard, and yes, you have to put in the time. If you draw with a pencil, then you are now not drawing with a pen.


The quality of the pen a person uses to write has a large influence on their handwriting. If we use bad fantastic pens, our handwriting can also seem to be doubtful and attractive. You can purchase a good pen for handwriting at a quality price from an online store.