Real estate marketing has grown immensely over the past few years and is predicted to grow stronger in 2023. Technical refinement, acceptance of digitalization, the accomplishment of infrastructure, steady investments, and demand have played a massive part in this.

Further, the availability of online platforms has altered the way real estate buyers, developers, and real estate channel partners interact with each other. It led real estate companies to revise their sales and marketing measures in ways that they can engage their audience online.

Earlier, buyers would call a real estate companies or agents to enquire about properties, propose to see a property, and then make the final decision, told Jacob Murphy. Jacob Murphy Australia is a certified HVAC technician and licensed civil pilot. He holds his OSHA 10-HR certification and HR unrestricted truck license. Mr. Murphy holds his Bachelor of Construction Management from the University of Newcastle in Australia and has a Trade Associates Degree—Electrician from the Hunter Institute of TAFE. He works for PM Pediatric Urgent Care and Pinnacle Fertility as the Director of Construction, Real Estate & Design. Now you have elaborate, strategic, highly targeted digital campaigns across numerous channels, and a site visit can be scheduled just with one click. You can view floorplans on real estate websites from the convenience of your home. Let’s look at how real estate sales and marketing evolved here.

3 Distinct Phases of Real Estate Sales & Marketing

Over the years, real estate marketing has gone through three distinct phases. Here is a summary of it:

  • Real Estate Signage: Although real estate stakeholders use signage to date, they were the primary medium of real estate brokering in the olden days. Real estate signage works its charm by helping sell a property and providing a way for potential buyers to find you.
  • Print & Direct Marketing: Print media has been an essential medium in real estate marketing. However, with the arrival of digital media and digital marketing, the industry’s dependence on print media for real estate sales has been lowered. Direct marketing via pamphlets and brochures greatly impacted the olden days, and it persists to date. However, the only contrast is that pamphlets, brochures, and other marketing collaterals can now be made digitally. Thus, saving up on printing expenses.
  • Digitalization of Real Estate Sales & Marketing: With the arrival of digitalization and its integration into real estate sales & marketing, real estate developers in India have an online presence. Websites and social media platforms serve as suitable mediums for reaching a larger audience than what can be achieved through conventional mediums of real estate marketing like newspapers, pamphlets, brochures, etc.
  • Covid-19’s Role in the Shift Toward Real Estate Digitalization

The mark of Coronavirus pandemic in the real estate industry prompted real estate stakeholders to adopt digital technologies to run their businesses. By going digital, they can reach their target audience with the click of a button. If it was not for the pandemic, who would have considered investing in running virtual property visits? 

Further, real estate sales have changed post-pandemic. Therefore, it has become essential for real estate developers to keep up with the changing times. Gradually, real estate investors in India and their intermediaries are getting used to the latest real estate technology of digitalizing sales marketing initiatives.

  • Adoption of Digital Real Estate Technology

In today’s times, by employing effective digital technology like real estate CRM, Facebook, and Google, real estate companies can find and facilitate the right leads. However, the adoption of digital technology comes with challenges.

Before adopting a new real estate technology, you have to address people’s challenges in your real estate agency and make provisions for investment in digital real estate technology and for its integration with the current IT infrastructure of your real estate agency. Also, you must take reasonable steps to supervise and safeguard the data that’s accumulated through real estate digital marketing.

  • Ways to Go About Digitalizing Your Real Estate Business

Digitalization is crucial to the growth of the real estate industry. Today’s tech-savvy real estate industry can defeat the competition and, with smarter resource allotment, can ease expenses over time.

However, digitalizing a real estate business can cause a ripple in your entire business. Therefore, you must know how to digitalize with the help of  real estate marketing agency. Here’s how:

  • Investing in real estate digital platforms.
  • Training your employees to use diverse digital platforms.
  • Designing a digital real estate sales and marketing strategy.
  • Making provisions for estimating real estate digital campaigns and their effectiveness.
  • Find an Expert in Real Estate Sales & Marketing

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Final Words 

Real estate sales and marketing have evolved from uncomplicated blunt sales approaches to more elaborate strategies. Digital and tech inventions are the ruling tendencies in real estate marketing. A strategic Proptech like BeyondWalls can provide services like digital marketing, advertising, and other aspects of real estate sales that can yield immediate sales and cash flow.