MONALICA assembles and methodically executes savvy fixes and thoughts for blockchain brands.

We make important encounters with our group of blockchain experts who have worked with a portion of the world’s best brands.



We make exceptional and remarkable encounters with the most renowned brands of the blockchain environment from a deliberate and imaginative viewpoint.

MONALICA consists of talented artists, software developers, and project managers from all around the world

In our excursion, which we have been going on as a computerized organization for over 20 years with free experts who have worked with a portion of the world’s biggest brands, we began to create arrangements well defined for blockchain brands under the name MONALICA starting around 2021. Since the day we were established, we have made and imparted encounters to exceptionally enormous blockchain brands in an extremely brief time frame range. Our commitment to impressive skill, in view of deliberately moving imagination, empowers us to fill in the blockchain environment at a shocking rate. As an organization that has taken on the aphorism of delivering ideal and top-notch answers for our clients, we intend to foster long-haul connections by progressing on the standards of genuineness and straightforwardness. MONALICA comprises gifted free artists, programming designers, and undertaking engineers from one side of the planet to the other. The sound correspondence among us and your image fortifies the collaboration such a lot that the MONALICA group begins to create undertakings and thoughts like a division of your image.

Our Expertise :

BrandingWeb DevelopmentVideo Production
Re BrandingUX/UI DesignAnimation
Brand StrategyGuerilla MarketingFull Stack NFT Collection
Marketing StrategyWeb3 ApplicationsNFT Marketing
 Smart ContractsUll Stack Digital Product
  Ads & Viral Campaigns

NFT Collection :

The Official SecretNFT PFP Collection of Sienna Network

Definite artwork was finished in the NFT collection work we created for the Lovely Sienna Network team.

About the Collection

There is a sum of x measure of Sienna Knights and they are separated into gatherings and positions. Despite the fact that there’s an absence of point-by-point public data because of the Knights’ security direction, it’s probably correct that every Sienna Knight is viewed as uncommon both in visuals and reason. Once in a while, there are data spills, yet these data are generally restricted to subtleties that just point out more the way in which cool the Knights as of now are.

Some of the incentivized work includes creating their own encrypted ‘memes’ that only they understand. These ‘memes’ not only bring a lot more attention to Sienna Network and Privacy but also help the Knights have a better mood as they go about their business. There are also reports that the best of the ‘meme creators’ get rewarded in a Privacy token named $SIENNA.“

YouTube Link :

Animation and videos:

Tarantino NFTs

As MONALICA, we made all the promotional videos of the TarantinoNFTs project.

About Tarantino NFTs

A long time back, Quentin Tarantino composed a foundation grant-winning screenplay that would change the fate of the diversion business. He consequently coordinated a film in view of that screenplay, which turned into a basic dear and monetary achievement. That film, obviously, is Pulp Fiction. The first, transcribed screenplay has stayed an individual inventive fortune that Quentin Tarantino has kept hidden for a really long time. Today, in a joint effort with SCRT Labs, he has transformed it into an exceptional NFT assortment. Each NFT in the assortment comprises the first content from a solitary notorious scene, as well as a customized sound critique from Quentin Tarantino himself.

Chameleon Ville NFT – Collection and Game Design

Assuming you some way or another encountered the Cosmos environment, almost certainly, you additionally found out about the Chameleon Ville NFT project. Being a Cross-Chain NFT game task that started its excursion with Secret Network, Chameleon Ville was created by a great designer and illustrations group on MONALICA. Prior to that, however, it got going as a profile picture assortment of great chameleons with interesting and extraordinary plans. MONALICA group planned all of the promotion recordings, the entire assortment, and the web game.

Sienna Network – Blockchain Explainer Video

Sienna is a cross-chain, protection initially decentralized finance convention based on Secret Network, that empowers trustless monetary instruments, for example, exchanging and loaning with complete security for different blockchain ecosystems.

Sienna Network is based on the previously mentioned Secret Network and is protection first and cross-chain decentralized finance stage, permitting resource holders to change to a security situated token.

Sienna helps admittance to the protection safeguarding blockchain in an easy-to-understand way because of the blockchain’s innate security plan. Sienna saves no login data, no wallet information, no exchange information, or whatever else. It doesn’t actually follow its site or give any data to any outsider.

Additionally playing in this protection space are Uniswap, PancakeSwap, and other DEXs in the crypto biological system. In any case, where SiennaSwap separates, is its protection-saving highlights, which address the front-running issue. Sienna is likewise important for the Cøsmos Ecosystem, where a lot of new ventures are sending off, practice consistently, further improving its more extensive contribution.

Sienna Swap:

With Secret Networks spans, tokens for the Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Cosmos blockchains, and Monero environments are crossed over to their protection saving reciprocals. For instance, USDC becomes secretUSDC.

Sienna token holders can change over tokens into their confidential same and afterward trade or spot them in liquidity pools to acquire yield.

SiennaSwap permits clients to trade privately among tokens and stake liquidity in the pools to acquire their portion of the exchanging expenses and procure rewards in SIENNA. Ultimately, the more volume SiennaSwap gets, the bigger diminishing in coursing supply of SIENNA.

So what are you waiting for? Come check out SiennaSwap at and evaluate our highlights for yourself. Be a piece of our local area and take part in our Telegram and Discord visits. Follow us on our socials. Witness history as Sienna turns into the accepted norm in security first Defi.