The defense exams are taken by a huge crowd of youngsters with a strong passion. The passion and craze that Indian aspirants have for joining the defense forces are very rare to be seen. Have you ever visited the room of a defense exam aspirant through youtube videos? Well, the walls of their rooms are covered with Indian maps, and the shelves of their rooms are often filled with so many books. This shows how truly they stay eager to crack the defense exams. Well, let us inform you that there is a basic approach to cracking the defense exams. Having knowledge of this approach is wise. Therefore, we have written this article to elaborate on the smartest way to excel in the defense exams.

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Prepare for the defence exams with the assistance of the points mentioned below:

Know what the exam demands 

Remember, the knowledge of what actually the exam demands from you will help you prepare for it excellently. So, what can help you in getting knowledge of the demands of the exam you aim for? Well, the accurate answer is the previous year’s question papers. Basically, you have to analyze every single question printed on the previous year’s papers to check whether they check their knowledge, ability to find a solution, or think accurately under the pressure of time. Thus, taking a deep insight about lookml into every single question of the previous year’s question appears will aid you in learning what you have to prepare for. 

Stick to the syllabus

Without a shadow of a doubt, sticking to the syllabus is the smartest trick to get your preparations completed on time. Never forget that the syllabus plays a very imperative role for the examiner and the candidates appearing for the exam. The examiner can’t neglect the syllabus while setting the question papers. Therefore, you should also not neglect the syllabus to attempt the maximum questions. The preparations that aren’t done according to the syllabus will miss their target. To avoid this situation, you have to keep the syllabus attached to your timetable. So that, you can complete it on time. 

Prepare a strategy

The next step is to devise an effective strategy that can get you your goals. Let us remind you of the importance of strategy. During the wars, only the king who has prepared an effective strategy was able to taste success. The same is applicable to you during the exam preparations. Keep all the sections of the syllabus, previous year’s question papers, and your weakness, strengths, and health in your mind while devising the strategy. Your chances of getting success in the defence exam are directly linked to the effectiveness of your strategy. 

Give importance to every subject

Remember, paying insufficient attention to the subjects of the defence exam can result in the lowest scores. Take two minutes and think can you solve the entire section of the quant section within the limited time frame? Well, you can but this is going to be very onerous. But you can solve the entire section of the general awareness of the defence exam within the given time limit. Therefore, you have to think smartly and prepare for every section with an energetic mind. 

Develop a positive mindset

You have to develop a positive mindset by reading the biographies of famous personalities. It is imperative to have a positive mindset so that you can do the tasks given to you with excellence. Without any doubt, you have to encounter so many tough situations during your job. Having a positive mindset will inspire you to embrace every challenge coming your way with happiness and sheer dedication. Read some quotes and biographies of famous personlaoties and embrace the challenges to develop a positive mindset. 


The journey that you have decided to travel is full of challenges that can bewilder your mind and can force you to neglect your health. Therefore, you should add some activities to your strategy to take care of your health and happiness. Remember, someone can put in grueling efforts with sheer dedication only if he is happy and healthy. It is onerous to do work with a depressed mind and an unhealthy body. So, don’t you think it is smart to take care care of your health and happiness? Yes definitely, it is. Therefore, never neglect to do the activities that keep you healthy and happy. Prepare for the AFCAT exam confidently with the assistance of a credible source that delivers excellent AFCAT coaching in Chandigarh


Faith in your abilities will surely make you turn the impossible into the possible. Therefore, know your abilities and keep faith in them to ace any exam in your life. Furthermore, consider the tips mentioned in this article to excel in the upcoming defense exams.