Innovate, Improve And Implement + Logic, Practicality, And Need = Success. An equation of success as we observe in the case of this exceptional young entrepreneur, Emir Ceric.

Countless entrepreneurs taste success over the years, but not many make it like this young man. Emir Ceric’s journey is truly extraordinary because he made it to the top of two different industries all on his own. His ventures; Veevus (a thread spinning and mass order processing unit) and Meveto (a cybersecurity firm that brings groundbreaking changes to account authentication and user control) are both incredibly successful.

2009; a Bosnian by origin young man successfully launched Veevus. The thread-spinning one-stop solution where businesses, individuals, and small ventures could all find threads and tinsels for all their requirements. Emir targeted the masses and provided them with a solution in terms of service and product quality which they sought for a long. Dedication is the key here, as an entrepreneur, Emir believes in doing it until it happens. His levelheaded processing of business functions and rational solving of the issues that he found in the industry let him make it big and beyond others who had already served years in the market.

Come 2017; passion, a childhood dream, and the geeky problem solver now targeted an industry that needed a lasting solution; cybersecurity! Emir as the child had always been into troubleshooting computer problems. The said practice and interest fired up by an entrepreneurial zeal gave birth to Meveto. Coming up with a solution that defined the future of secure account accessibility and user account control via a passwordless algorithm helped him make it through to the top brass in an industry that’s closely knit and occupied by global tech giants. 

What made him build two different companies and that too in different industries is a question. “I’ve done it once, I can do it again and better this time!” he adds when asked what drove him on building the cybersecurity firm Meveto.

A passion to solve problems, the bravado to take risks, and mental sturdiness supported by a very critical aspect; no financial help or stakes from anyone else allowed him the grounds to make this extremely brave move. While this may be a daring move and for sure has proven Emir’s strategies to be brilliantly successful, all this success requires homework, steady thinking, and the will to risk it all for a greater motive than what meets the eye!