Visual artist and entrepreneur Rey Rey Rodríguez is the founder of The Mind of Rey Rey®, a full-service brand company that offers marketing (web design and maintenance, SEO, app creation, graphic design, growth consulting, ads, text, email, and social media verification guide and marketing) and multimedia services (audio and video recording and editing, and photography). Rodríguez works with several women whose business is growing. Below are three powerful women-owned business websites designed by Rey Rey Rodriguez.

Survivors LinkUp –

Survivors Link Up (SLU, formerly MNCRC) was founded in Minnesota in May 2021 by businesswoman Yanelin M Valdez, a survivor of the care system, human trafficking, and homelessness. Ella’s website provides information, resources, and safe transitional housing for young adults ages 18-24 who, because of their age, are no longer receiving help from foster care. The survivor-led community organization uses its connections and resources to help those who have nowhere to turn and need a supportive community, providing stability of mind, education, and responsibility for their future.

Website: Vibrant colors instantly appear on you, right when the website launches. A blue background headline with a neon orange and white logo welcomes viewers. The main images on the site are our four rectangular drawings showing women comforting, bonding and expressing love to one another. Two of the images are framed with a neon orange outline and two are framed with purple. The “Contact” and “Voluntary Request” forms have an unorthodox mix of bright colors along with an animation that appears when you mouse over the options. While most resource-based sites are boring, the design, brightness, and visual warmth felt in the images and helpful information give viewers a sense of an organization on a mission to spread love. and help those in need.

Green Canoe Coffee –

Green Canoe Coffee is a Canadian-based coffee roasting company founded by Alice Green. In addition to her passion for fresh coffee and the coffee industry, Miss Green is a strong advocate for women entrepreneurs and the environment. On her website, she says: “I value fresh coffee, I support women in coffee and small farms that use sustainable coffee practices. Nature is medicine for my soul and I strive every day to make good choices for our beautiful planet and my children’s future on it.” Alice supports local farms, Community Sustainable Agriculture (CSA), and small businesses. Its high-quality coffee beans, roasting method, packaging and fast shipping practices make Green Canoe Coffee one of the freshest and best tasting coffees, if not one of the freshest.

The website: The website scrolls smoothly and doesn’t overwhelm the user with too many options. The site does not use the typical full screen layout that most websites use today. It has an old and centered design with many modern features. You can almost smell the freshly brewed coffee while looking at the main image and the images with the thumbnail buttons. The white background is relaxing; brown fonts match the color of coffee images, and light touches of green match the company logo and add a touch of nature. There are four options for coffee beans that have animated thumbnails when held. Overall Impression: Simple, easy to use and elegant. One visit to this site and you’ll want a warm and inviting place to sit with a hot, fresh cup of Canoa Verde coffee.

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The Editor’s Couch –

Kathryn Milam, a former editorial intern for “The Georgia Review” literary magazine and recipient of a bachelor’s degree in anthropology, founded Editor’s Couch. Her passion for publishing motivated her to use her experience and skills to create this business and help others. Her quote: “Writing is a resistance; embracing the vulnerability of editing is an act of courage.” She gives you an idea of ​​her dedication and her love for publishing.

The Website: The introductory image of the website is a rustic, old-fashioned typewriter, giving the viewer the feeling of sitting in front of this typewriter and getting ready to start typing. The images on the page, the white background, and the combination of dark blue, light orange, creamy white chocolate, gray, and exotic periwinkle blue, give the home page that warm, inviting, and suddenly light-up feeling that one used to have. by visiting an old library or bookstore where people gathered to study and writers created their stories and novels. The website is divided into strips that reveal encouraging quotes, an image, and another set of colors that animate and appear on the screen once the user has scrolled to their section. Going to this page will business put you at ease with the confidence that this company will help you edit your future award-winning work.

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