How important is it to you to set new fitness goals and challenges?

Personally, I am 100 percent goal-oriented and always love a challenge, be it sports or professional. I have always found motivation in challenging my body and competing against myself, setting goals – my sporty childhood has greatly influenced my business approach to training, coaching and public relations.

What do you like most about being able to train and lead an active lifestyle?

Staying active now, at 36 years old, is very important to me, knowing that I am preparing my body for many healthy and mobile years to come, I hope! Right now I love the fact that my body can move easily, powerfully, in everything I do, be it daily movements, lifting, jumping and running with my niece and nephew.

Much has been made of the connection between mental health and exercise. How important is exercise to you for your mental health and well-being?

It’s up there! The high level of endorphins after exercise can totally change my day, I can walk out of a studio and feel like a superwoman. The boost of faith and confidence it gives me to face my day, whether it’s PR deadlines, client reports, or just ‘life’, happens over and over again.

I often refer to exercise as my escape, time to turn off my brain (which tends to run at 100mph). Headspace, freedom, time to focus on something outside of my PR business or general concerns and challenges in life. Running, first of all, has given me many hours of clarity and healing.

What are your top five tips for anyone who wants to get in better shape?

Find the joy of being active and moving your body. Exercise is different for everyone, some may want a super sweaty HIIT workout, a fast-paced spin class, or others a magical slow yoga flow. Find what works for you, there are so many options available now, apps, PT or studio based workouts.

Plan your workouts to be a part of your day. Maybe you’re an early bird and like to have that morning workout bookmarked to start your day. Or it can be the perfect reset to lunchtime or a social evening with a friend. The most important thing is to find out what is best for you, to make the most of your time to exercise.

Make sure training is for fun, it shouldn’t be a chore or punishment to burn that candy bar or bag of chips. Celebrate your body, its strengths, everything you achieve through exercise, and this promises a much longer and happier relationship with staying active and eating healthy. Your body is your only home, and having the ability to move, powerfully, with ease is a gift.

Reward yourself. Whether it’s a new game or a taste of coffee, be sure to recognize your ‘wins’, no matter how small.

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Remember your why. When training feels tough, or you’re not 100 percent in the mood to train, remember why. One of my favorite quotes to live by is ‘the stronger the why, the easier the how’.

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