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There are many ways to display Petunias, but this article will focus on the most popular types. In particular, we’ll talk about Calibrachoa, Wave Petunia, Supertunia, and waves. These petunias are perfect for window boxes and hanging baskets and are especially beautiful in a garden. These flowering plants need full sunlight to grow well, so they’re perfect for a hanging basket or window box. Avail of our online flower delivery services and send these petunia arrangements.

Top 4 Online Petunia Flowers Arrangements

This article lists the top 10 online petunia arrangements you can use in nearly any function. So, order flowers online from our expert online flower delivery portal.

Wave Petunias Flowers

There are many different types of petunias, each with its distinctive characteristics. Some are much smaller than others, while some are bigger than others. Petunias can be grown in pots or outdoors in containers. Multi-flora varieties are ideal for container gardening. Multiflora petunias produce small, dense flowers that are attractive in pots. For the best results, plant petunias in full sun.

Proven Winners is a variety that redefined the genus by expanding its hardiness to cool climates and has earned 35 awards in University trials. This variety grows in the southeastern US, with an early April bloom time. It also does well in part shade and has excellent sun performance. These attributes have made it a major component of many popular combinations. Listed below are some of the top online petunia arrangements available.


When considering planting your spring flower garden, consider adding the hardy and easy-to-care-for Calibrachoa to your plans. They are not only a great choice for a variety of floral arrangements, but they’re also an easy plant to grow! Listed below are a few tips for maximizing the beauty of your arrangements. Unfortunately, Calibrachoa is not a deer-resistant plant, so keep an eye out for these creatures in your garden.

The most important factor in keeping your Calibrachoa flowers blooming is proper hydration. Although the flowers of this plant are sensitive to overwatering, they shouldn’t be completely deprived of water. Instead, water them deeply when the soil dries out. To check for this, stick your finger into the soil up to your second knuckle. Water deeply until the soil drains from the pot.

Supertunia Flowers

Supertunia is one of the most popular petunias, and their flowers are available in all different colors and sizes. For example, the Supertunia Royal Velvet Petunia bears a large number of rich purple and blue flowers. This variety grows to about 10 inches and is 4 feet wide. Its cousin, the Sweet Sunshine Compact Lime Petunia, produces a multitude of chartreuse and yellow flowers during the summer. Another award-winning variety is the Supertunia Bermuda Beach, with its large numbers of salmon-coral flowers that are a beautiful sight.

If you want the perfect flower arrangement, you can start by identifying the colors and shapes of the flowers. For example, the Supertunia Bordeaux has a soft pink flower that displays rich purple veins. This variety grows up to four feet tall and is a great choice for hanging baskets. The Supertunia Citrus features soft yellow flowers and is one of the hardiest varieties. Supertunia Lavender Skies, on the other hand, features dark blue flowers and is ten inches tall.


A beautiful bouquet of petunias is one of the most affordable ways to brighten up any space. You can purchase your favorite varieties from many online petunia shops. A variety of colors is available, from a single to a double to a vista, depending on your preferences. Supertunias have an excellent reputation for being self-cleaning and floriferous and come in single, double, mini, and Vista varieties.

Petunias are best used as part of a container arrangement but are also available in garden beds and pots. When choosing companion plants for your arrangement, be sure to choose thriller, spiller, and filler plants. The thriller plant is your bouquet’s main focal point, meaning it needs to stand out. Fillers are your other plants, such as herbs or other flowers.

Wrapping Up

Finding the perfect arrangement for your home can be difficult, but with these top 4 online petunia portals, it’s easier than ever. These flower shops offer a variety of unique arrangements to suit any space, from small to expansive. Petunias can make for an amazing gift for any occasion. From a flower arrangement for a friend to a large flower arrangement for a large event, there’s something for everyone! So, send cakes online to your dear ones right away.