You need a pediatrician’s help when your child feels sick or suffers from an illness. A pediatrician is also consulted for the improvement of the health of your child. Advice from a well-qualified pediatrician is also essential in the case of a newborn child. 

A newborn pediatrician in Jacksonville can help you in all cases related to fever, stomach problems, cold, and any other ailment of an infant. A newborn child may frequently need advice and medication from a pediatrician. 

Here are the top reasons when you must contact a pediatrician on the onset of the following symptoms in your child:

Chills and High Fever: A child may have a mild fever for a few hours or a day. You should not worry too much about it. But you must consult a pediatrician if the fever persists and doesn’t subside after 48 hours. Consult a pediatrician or child specialist immediately for help and a thorough diagnosis. 

Severe Cold and Cough: All children catch a cold and cough. It can come and go. Some cold and cough-like symptoms go away entirely in a day or two. It should not worry you; however, you should worry if the cold and cough continue for several days. It can get worse if you don’t seek a pediatrician’s attention.

Diarrhea: Diarrhea can threaten the life of your child. It can cause a loss of body fluid and dehydrate the child. It may also lead to cholera or other similar health issues. If you find your child has developed diarrhea, you need to rush to the Jacksonville-based pediatrician for consultation. 

Infection: A child can be infected due to a large number of reasons. Infections can be of various types, including viral infection, parasitic infection, fungal infection, and bacterial infection. These can take a serious turn and may develop into some severe diseases if you don’t take urgent steps. Consult a pediatrician immediately. 

Viral Diseases: Viruses can attack your child. There are a large number of viral diseases against which your child needs protection. In case your child is developing symptoms of influenza, chickenpox, or measles; contact a pediatrician without any delay. Some of the children also develop mumps. You must approach a pediatrician for the diagnosis of a viral disease. 

In Conclusion

Your child must stay protected from various diseases. A timely consultation with a pediatrician can help cure the disease in time. If you follow the doctor’s advice at the initial stage of a disease, it may not grow further. The child can be easily cured within a short period if you seek pediatrician’s help. But any delay in doing so can worsen the condition of the infant. Seek medical attention when your child is crying profusely for hours.