If you are planning on getting a visa for UAE then you have landed in the right place. In this post we are going to tell you all about the different types of visas and entry permits you can get from the UAE embassy or consulate office. Without a visa there is no way you can enter the UAE . This is because the country doesn’t provide a visa free entry facility! This is mainly because a major chunk of UAE’s GDP is dependent on tourism and foreign investments. To get any kind of visa you need to get the UAE visa application. You can easily get the UAE visiting visa details from the embassy or from a visa agency.

Popular visa types you can apply for in UAE

Out of dozens of different visa types and entry permits we have discussed the most popular ones for your knowledge.

UAE remote work visa

If you have a good job in the country of your residence that also allows you to work from home facility then you don’t have to leave it to enter the UAE. The remote work visa would allow you to live in the Arab Emirates while allowing you to continue your job in another country. This visa facility is given by the government only to attract talented and expert skilled workers from different countries in the world. You can get a work permit UAE visa application from the embassy. Before applying you should check UAE work visa requirements and conditions.

UAE tourist visa

The tourist visa to the UAE is another popular visa type that allows you to stay in the country for 30 to 90 days depending on your application. The single entry visa is usually issued for thirty days whereas the multiple entry visas can be obtained for multiple entries. You need to mention which type you need when you are filling out the online UAE visit visa application form. Tourist UAE visa applications can be obtained from the embassy as well as from the official website. This visa is best for short personal tours.

UAE student visa

As the name of the visa tells us, this kind of visa is given to students coming from other countries for educational purposes. Know that the student visa can only be applied by students who are over 18 years of age and are already living in the UAE. To get this visa from the embassy one needs to have an offer or acceptance letter from a university in UAE. The Emirates visa application for students can be downloaded from the web. This kind of UAE visa application can get you a long-term stay of five years.

UAE Golden visa

If you are thinking of immigration to Dubai or anywhere in UAE then you must know that UAE doesn’t give you a permanent residency and passport but they give a golden visa facility which provides the same benefits as the locals get. The golden visa is given for a period of ten years after which it needs to be renewed. If you want to move to Dubai with your family then you need to get the golden UAE visa application form.

These are the common types of visas you can get for the UAE.