Sex is an emotional process. There is a deluge of various feelings that arise with it. Not only physically, but it also impacts you mentally. When you become sexually active, your life changes in many ways. Many blissful doors to your health are opened. It can help relieve many mental and physical problems. In women, various changes occur as they keep having more and more sex.

In this article, we will tell you about changes that occur to women’s bodies as they lose virginity and tend to have more and more sex.

If you are a woman and have a problem with having sex, you must consult a healthcare provider. To get an expert opinion, consult a gynecologist doctor in Karachi.


Feeling Of Attachment Post Sex

You feel more attracted to your partner after being intimate with them. The affection between you both has increased many times. With sex comes an oxytocin hormone surge. It is also known as the love hormone. Oxytocin helps you feel good, enables you to trust people, and makes you build a strong and intimate connection with your partner. Therefore sex not only helps you be physically intimate with your partner but help build emotional connection too.


Semen Leak Post Sex

If you do not use any birth control method like condoms or any other contraception, you may notice a semen leak. When you go to the bathroom, you may notice it leaking from your vagina. It is alright. Your body does not have enough capacity to absorb the semen. Therefore it can throw off some of it. You do not need to worry about it. To reduce its leakage, you can urinate. To clear it up, you can also wash it with water.

Your Face May Look Flushed

Post sex, your face, and skin might blush and become red. It happens because blood flow to the skin is increased. Redness may also occur in the chest and upper part of your body. It may remain for an hour or more than that post orgasm.


Sex Can Cause Cramps

No matter how much pleasureful your sex episode was, it can be painful too at times. Sex can cause cramps in the lower abdomen. It might happen due to penis insertion. Sometimes it might indicate that you have a tilted uterus. Or it might occur when the penis irritates the cervix.

The cramps post-sex are quite similar to menstrual cramps. However, if you have a lot of pain, it might indicate some underlying health condition. Therefore you must consult with a gynecologist.


You Might Feel Very Sleepy Suddenly

As soon as you are done with sex, you might feel very drained and sleepy. It is more common in men compared to women. You might feel sleepy like you do after intense cardio. It is also possible that your body is reacting to chemicals released in orgasm.

You May Feel Itchy Down There

Usually, it is normal to feel itchy down there post-sex. It might happen because of the rubbing and friction that occurs with sex. When both of you rub each other’s bodies, friction is produced that results in an itch. Your pubic hair can also increase friction and serve as a rug. It is better to shave beforehand if you have them.

Sometimes itchiness might also occur because you have irritation with the lube you are using. Changing lube may also help in reducing itchiness.

You Might Be Smelly Down There

After having sex, you might feel smelly down there. It happens because your vagina has a low pH and semen has high pH. When they both mix, a chemical reaction occurs with a new smell. Due to this, you might have an uncomfortable odor down there.

The smell due to sex is not a very bad one. But if it is a fishy odor, it might be because of some infection. Therefore you should get checked if your vagina smells too bad.

Your Vagina May Look Bigger

After having sex, your vagina may look bigger. It often happens due to friction. Sometimes not having enough lubrication can also play a role.

Your vagina might also become swollen on arousal. It is normal for your vagina to get wet and swollen when you are in the mood. It may remain for an hour or so. But if it remains for a long time, you should seek professional help. To get an expert opinion, you can consult a gynecologist in Islamabad.