A curbless shower has become the trend of this season. A lot of people from the older generation are also opting for a Bellevue bathroom remodel service just to get a zero-curbed shower. In it, anyone can slide right into the shower from the bathroom. For senior people, this is a quite convenient way to utilize the bathroom space without compromising on the style factor.  

We often see elegant bathroom design ideas on the internet that looks stunning but do not make much sense. Some of these ideas are only to enhance the style and look of the bathroom and do not add much to its functionality. If you want to redesign your bathroom, consider implementing changes that are actually useful. Because the trend may change every other day, you do not get to remodel your bathroom with each of them.  

The curbless shower in a bathroom has three beneficial aspects to it. Read this blog to know about these advantages and decide whether you want it or not.  

  • Cost– Whenever we opt for some renovation work in our house, we often do not consider the budget. Many of us assume that only remodelling work does not need much investment. But, this is a completely wrong idea because some renovation work can be really expensive. So, before starting your remodelling service it is better to talk to the service providers. They can give you a fair idea of the expenses of the project.  

For a modern curbless shower look in your bathroom, you need to reconstruct your concrete floor to create a slope. You may also have to change the drainage and shower systems. But, the ultimate result will be worth the expenditure and these changes are long-term. So, you do not have to spend money on it after the work is complete.  

  • Seamless Look– The main purpose of remodelling your bathroom is to give it a more stylish look than the existing one. The curbless shower lends your bathroom a seamless appearance. To avoid the curb totally, you must use a linear drain. This drain will be at the back of the shower, so it does not interrupt the arrangement of the tiles. This gives your bathroom a stunning modern look with high functionality.  
  • Great Accessibility– With a curbless shower it becomes easier to access the shower. For senior people, it is quite convenient to use such a bathroom, especially, if you are confined to a wheelchair. So, for accessibility, there is nothing better than a curbless shower.  


Any construction or renovation service needs expert handling to produce high-quality output. When you have decided to opt for Bellevue bathroom remodel, you must choose some reliable and professional construction service providers. Dream Home Construction has 15 years of residential construction experience. They specialize in bathroom construction and remodelling.