If you have got yourself some Jet Fuel strain and have plans to use it soon, then cartridges can be a good medium. There are a few varieties of such cartridges available but this post will talk about the wood tip ones.

Let’s find out some reasons why you should think about using wood tip cartridges for your experience.

A Good Natural Choice

The wood ones are natural and hence the flavors of the strain you will use come through better. Any other metal will give off its own certain odor and that can reduce the efficacy of the aromas of the strain. So using the wood ones is a better choice.

No Leaks

Wood is a bad conductor of heat and it is the reason why the wood tip cartridges are favorites with vape enthusiasts. Users love the fact that there are no leaks and hence there is no loss of flavors and aromas. You get to taste and smell the amazingness of the particular strain you are using with it.

Disposable and Refillable

An important point is that these cartridges can be disposed of after one use. Many users do this after use to minimize the chances of infections or germs of others spreading. They are also refillable. Use your favorite terpene or strain more than once. Get more use out of a single cartridge if you wish or dispose of it.

Ease of Use

The fact that such cartridges are easy to use makes them the first choice for first-time users. It is one of the simplest and basic ways to smoke your favorite product. All you need to do is press its button and smoke.

A Quick High

Since the smell and aromas come in quickly, you can get a quicker high with a wood tip cartridge. This is great if that is your aim. Of course, it is up to you to choose your dosage which may not let you get high.

Discreet Appearance

Your Jet Fuel strain will be perfect with it because of the discreet appearance it has. It can literally be carried everywhere, in your purse on in your pocket. It is small and does not take up much space.

The next time you want to get high, make sure you have a few of the wood cartridges to help you get a high-quality experience.


Is Jet Fuel an indica?

Jet Fuel is a relaxing Indica-dominant hybrid that provides a calming effect described as balanced and cerebral. This cultivar has an earthy aroma and savory diesel taste. This hybrid is best used during the evening.

How does Jet Fuel taste?

Most cuts of Jet Fuel start with earthy flavors, followed by the tart, rubbery taste that most of us expect after smelling the strain. Uplifting and concentrating. Jet Fuel is an excellent daytime or pre-activity strain due to its Sour Diesel heritage.