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Marcello served as an assistant teacher at Mr. DE La Riva’s academy and helped teach classes there for many years, up to the point that Marcello was able to attain Black Belt. Black Belt. In 1998, Marcello began his first academy at Nova Friberg, Rio De Janeiro, where he’s trained his students and helped develop his students into Champions. A former WBA heavyweight champ Greg Page passed away today in Louisville, Kentucky. His death was reported to have occurred due to health issues arising from the fight in 2001, in which he was brutally battered and put into an induced state of coma aew championship belt.

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After he emerged from the coma, he experienced an attack on the brain that caused him to be partially paralyzed and only the shell. Page began his boxing career at an early age. He even competed against Muhammad Ali at the age of fifteen. He was gifted and appeared to have it all going his way and even winning the Golden Gloves National Championship win in 1978 when he was only twenty-one years old.

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Boxing’s career in the sport was lengthy and filled with ups and downs. He won the heavyweight title in 1984 after he beat Gerrie Coetzee in a technical knockout. However, he was disqualified from the belt to a heavyweight in his subsequent fight when he tried to defend the title in a fight against Tony Tubbs. In 2001, he took on the fight that transformed his life forever when he was hammered by the heavyweight Dale Crowe prospect, who was just twenty-four years old. Crowe knocked down Greg in the 10th round.

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The former champion could not stand up and was left in a coma until being taken to the hospital. The saddest part of this was that he had been fighting. In 2007, the champion won an agreement of 2.1 million dollars from the Kentucky Boxing and Wrestling Association. The settlement was reached after it was established that there were insufficient medical personnel in the facilities where his final fight was held and at the place where his life was altered for the rest of his life.