Before you go looking for children’s book printing services, you need to ensure a few things. For one, your chosen printer must be experienced in printing and binding books that can entice the young readers. Second, these books should have vivid, colorful pictures and illustrations, which promote imagination and steer the story forward. Third, the book’s physical construction should be such that it’s hard-wearing to endure rough handling and heavy use.

Perhaps you are wondering what to look for when searching for children’s book printing services? Below are the top four things you should focus upon to get a professionally-printed book for the young and impressionable minds. If you want to learn about Children’s Book Printing, click here.

1.      The Book’s Cover

Usually, children’s books have a sturdy, thick, hard cover printed in full color. Such a cover extends the book’s life and shields it against the rigors of rough and frequent handling.

Your chosen children’s book printing services should ideally be able to offer book covers in vibrant, full color. Such covers can draw the young readers’ attention and keep them engrossed. If the cover can be laminated with a soft-touch, matte, or high-gloss finish, it would offer protection against stains, spills, and scuffs.

2.      Interior Pages

Just like the cover, the interior pages of a children’s book should also be printed in full color. However, some children’s book printing services offer the solitary choice of black-and-white interior pages. But such books won’t have the same appeal as their full-color counterparts. This makes it important to find printers that offer reasonably-priced full-color printing.

Another thing to remember is that the interior pages’ thickness and sheen will impact the quality of the finished product. Thus, it’s prudent to talk about these options with your children’s book printing services in advance.

Usually, the number of interior pages is kept low for children’s books. This is because the young readers have a short attention span and prefer simpler and shorter stories. You should check if your chosen children’s book printingservices can bind hardcover books having a relatively small number of pages because not all can. 

3.      Orientation and Size

Books for children could have landscape, portrait, or square orientations. Books with a landscape orientation have their heights shorter than their widths, and their spine runs along the shorter dimension. Books with a portrait orientation have their heights greater than their widths, and their spine runs along the greater dimension. The height and width of square books are of the exact same size.

Though all three orientations are popular, the landscape mode is perhaps better suited for young readers. Such books facilitate easier handling, especially when the book is shared – say, when a parent sits beside the child to read the book. But not all children’s book printingservices have the expertise to produce hard cover books in landscape orientation.

Deciding the physical size of your children’s book is another thing to determine during the primary design stages. Some sizes are more economical and more prevalent to produce than others. Some of the popular sizes are 11” x 8.5”, 8.5” x 11”, and 8.5” x 8.5”. Children’s book printingexperts recommend not to print books for young readers in a small size. Large or medium sizes are much easier for young eyes to read. Additionally, such sizes are easier to control with small hands.

4.      Illustrations

Children love colorful images, artworks, and illustrations. They usually convey more meaning to a young reader than text by serving as focal points. That explains why several children’s books have huge, full-color illustrations and pictures to convey the story’s distinct elements. To make these images, artworks, and illustrations come alive, you need to find children’s book printing services that can do justice to these story elements.  

Where Can You Find Dependable Children’s Book Printing Services?  

From the book cover and paper stock for interior pages to printing effects and bookbinding, everything needs to be kid-friendly for children’s books. That’s why your print partner should be someone with experience printing high-quality children’s books without breaking the bank. If you couldn’t find one, come to Heritage Printing, Signs & Displays local sign company in Washington, DC With more than four decades of printing experience, including children’s book printing, this full-service printing company promises to deliver top-notch print results worth your money.

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