If you have a house on the horizon you will know that there is a lot to fix like cleaning. You’ll need to hire a moving company, reserve your new broadband connection, set up new providers for your utilities, and remember to get that parking permit too! However, it is equally important not to overlook tying up loose ends with the property you are moving from, one of the most important beings to book a professional cleaning!

Do you remember how clean and tidy your rental property was when you moved it? Well, if you check the fine print on your rental agreement, you’ll soon realize that you need to make sure the property is returned in exactly the condition you found it.

The good news is that organizing tenant cleaning in London is easy and not as expensive as you might think! We’ve created this simple guide so you know your responsibilities, what to look for, and where you can find reliable, professional cleaners at the best rates!

Do I really need professional cleaning?

It’s an exciting time when you move into a new home: new places to go, new people to meet, and new adventures to discover. It can be easy to brag about how clean and fresh your new space is. The reason it looked so nice was that the owner, or previous tenants, would have had the property professionally cleaned before you moved in.

As mentioned above, in most cases your lease will contain a contractual clause to clean the property to a professional standard when you move out of the property. If you don’t, the property owner may withhold funds from your security deposit to cover the cost of instructing professional cleaners to bring the property up to standard. Make sure you don’t get caught by the end of this section and London cleaning fees!

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What does termination of lease cleaning in London entail?

Given the number of rental properties in London, you won’t be surprised to learn that there are a plethora of cleaning companies operating throughout the city. Most of these professional companies are efficient and well organized and include a comprehensive cleaning checklist to ensure that the cleaning is up to the expected standard.

Typical cleaning at the end of the London lease would include the following;

Kitchen: cleaning furniture and kitchen appliances (such as ceramic hob, oven, refrigerator, freezer and microwave, washing machine, dryer and dishwasher) inside and out.

Bathroom – Cleaning and dismantling of wall and floor tiles, bathtubs, showers, sinks, taps, toilets, mirrors and taps.

Thorough cleaning and dusting of the entire property, which includes; Doors, door frames, door handles, light switches, sockets, lighting fixtures and light curtains, etc. Cleaning interior windows, sills and frames. Vacuuming of all furniture, floors and stairs. Cleaning, cleaning and polishing of tables, chairs, cabinets, shelves, etc.

Other services, such as garbage collection, exterior window cleaning, gardening, etc., are not included but are available at an additional cost.

Sounds pretty simple, can’t I do it myself?

Cleaning a property may seem easy and something you can easily do, but the important thing to remember is the level of cleaning required. While the lease will state that the property must be cleaned to a professional standard, it does not stipulate that professional cleaners must instruct. This means that there is nothing to stop you from trying to clean the property. But before you rush out to buy some new lilies, it’s important to note that while it’s a boring and time-consuming job, cleaning the property to a professional standard is actually a very efficient job.

When you move out of the property, it will be inspected by a check-out clerk who will do a thorough damage inspection along with cleaning. Employees have a specific checklist of tasks to perform and will easily be able to spot the difference between the professional end of London cleaning and the work of an ‘amateur’.

So this is a very fast and safe way to guarantee a safe return of your deposit, leave it in the hands of professionals from the beginning! To find cost-effective and reliable end-of-rental cleaning in London, simply visit MyConstructor, a price comparison website for home services. Search for local companies yourself, read real reviews from previous clients and book online with fixed prices at a date and time that suits you best!