The AWS exam has snowballed in recent years, startling the aspirants of this certification. And although this exam has become quite popular in recent times, many people are curious to know about its difficulty level.

There isn’t any straightforward answer to how difficult the AWS exams are. Its difficulty level mainly depends upon the intellect of the student. Besides, many other factors also need to be considered. Therefore, this article will discuss all you need to know about the difficulty of the AWS Solutions Architect exam.

So, after knowing about the challenges of the exam, it is for you to decide how difficult this exam can be for you as a student. But as long as you’re passionate about the subject and prepare with the right strategy, the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional exams can be successfully aced.

How hard is the AWS-Certified Solutions Architect Exam? 

The exam of AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional exam quickly tests a student’s knowledge, intellect, brainpower, and analytical skills. However, it is deemed too difficult to pass. This is mainly because of the vast syllabus, including a wide sphere of topics in various fields, from cloud computing and cloud security.

Preparing for this exam pushes students to go beyond their boundaries and gain excellence in topics out of their comfort zone. Students who have a knack for learning and can implement concepts practically can crack this exam; this is why only 28% of the candidates can secure a pass mark, whereas the remaining 72% fail.

The data clearly portrays the difficulty level of the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional exam, but you shouldn’t be scared. Instead, you must push yourself to work harder and embrace all the challenges in the journey.

On the contrary, the AWS Architect Associate exam is easy compared to the AWS Solutions Architect Professional exam. Thus, many students prefer the easier option, and you can do the same.

AWS Solutions Architect Professional Exam Overview

The exam is mainly divided into different sections. The following lists what each section consists of.

  1. 15% of the paper comprises high availability and business continuity
  2. Costing makes up 6% of the paper
  3. 10% of the questions are on development 
  4. 10% of the paper is based on network design
  5. 15% of the questions asked are on data storage
  6. Security makes up 19% of the question paper
  7. 15% of the questions are based on scalability and elasticity
  8. Lastly, 10% of all the questions are from cloud migration and hybrid architecture

How to prepare for the exam?

The syllabus for this examination is vast, and questions come from eight domains. This implies that a lot of effort and dedicated preparation is required to perform well in the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Exam.

  • Master the AWS cloud very well and gain proficiency as an AWS cloud developer.
  • Some topics will test your theoretical knowledge, whereas others will test your aptitude and critical thinking skills. You cannot compromise on either as both are equally important for you to pass. So, develop the necessary skills and expertise with loads of practice.
  • Analytical skills, mandatory to crack this exam, cannot be developed overnight. Instead, it requires loads of practice for you to reach a point where you have enough understanding to pass the exam and be worthy of this AWS training and certification.


This article is to inform you about how difficult the AWS Solutions Architect exam is so that you can get the best AWS certification training. It doesn’t intend to scare or demoralize you in any way.

The best way to obtain this somewhat difficult AWS certification is to prepare according to your convenience. For example, first, get done with the entire syllabus. Then, solve sample papers within a time limit and practice maximum problem-based questions. You can also make a routine and stick to it.

To prepare even better, you can enroll in an AWS certification course and find a mentor who can guide you and solve your queries related to the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional exam. Follow your mentor’s advice, and nothing can stop you from passing the exams with flying colors.

Finally, do some self-study, don’t be demoralized or scared by the challenges around you, and give your best on the exam day. All the best!