A correct quality car mattress can be used for lengthy or brief trips, as a comfortable place for pets or children to stretch out in the back of the driver, and for adults on camping trips. Because air mattresses are useless as soon as punctured, it is necessary to observe the directions to inflate the mattress and preserve your vehicle free of grit and sharp objects that may want to damage the plastic.


If you swap with another driver on a lengthy trip, you can let the kids stretch out on the way to the campground and save on hotel fees. If you are moving, you can additionally use a car air mattress in a pinch till your new furniture arrives.


When used as designed, a car mattress can turn an SUV into a rolling tent and a pickup into a hotel bed. Most mattresses in this overview additionally come with patch kits, so if you get punctured on the road, you can still relax comfortably.


Many of the air mattresses in this review can be inflated through the car’s mouthpiece. Arrive at your campsite, stretch your legs, and set up your bed beside the want for an outlet.

Common Types of Airbeds for Car Travel

Flat mattress

When you put the back seat down, the flat mattress only covers the again of the returned seat or SUV.

Attached Gap Filler

A mattress with a gap filler plugs the footwell so your feet or pillows do not fall into the drain.

Removable footwell option

The removable footwell choice consists of a more pad to protect the aforementioned dip. These mattresses provide a lot of flexibility as you can easily turn them into camping beds as nicely as car seat beds.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Travel Bed for Your Car


If you can sleep on an easy camping pad, you possibly do not want a plush mattress with a comfort coil device on your car’s back seat bed. But if you cannot sleep, there is no way to have a great vacation.


Overcrowded air mattresses can reason damage and leaks. When you take a look at the dimensions of your car or SUV on your travel cot, make positive you additionally take a look at the height. Not the best alternative because the mattress is too high and there is no longer enough room to roll over.


If you plan to use this mattress a lot, make certain you purchase a greater quality product and use it as directed. Be prepared to fill it up a few days earlier than your trip so you can check for leaks.


You can buy these mattresses in your carry bag or drawstring bag. To higher protect your car travel cot, consider wrapping it in a puncture-resistant plastic bag, such as a garbage compression bag, to make your air mattress for the rear seat extra secure.


Car mattresses depend on the car, however, most air mattresses with foot well cushions will provide you some room in the again seat. I additionally use this car mattress and I really suggest you purchase a car mattress to increase your living comfort.