So you are wondering which audio interface to buy, rent, or otherwise attempt out. In this complete buyer’s guide, we will take a seem at all the things worth considering earlier than you make any choice about an audio interface.

Input/Output (I/O) Configuration of Audio Interfaces

I/O configuration is arguably the most important specification for a given audio apollo interface. The variety of inputs and outputs, as properly as their connection types and extra features, will generally determine the usefulness of an audio interface and whether you must buy it. 

When considering the variety of inputs and outputs in an audio interface, do your great to future-proof your investment. Choosing an interface that meets our I/O needs now is critical, however, please take a second to think about what you will want in the future.

Audio interface audio input

For example, if you are a singer-songwriter, you would possibly only want two inputs (for example, one for the vocal mic and one for the guitar). Two inputs will additionally allow for the proper connection of stereo miking techniques or stereo instruments. At the different extreme, if you are planning to do a live broadcast, you will want enough entries for all instruments (including all drum mics) and vocals.

Audio interface audio output

For outputs, many bedroom producers and home studio owners only want a stereo pair or two for their monitors and a headphone output or two.

However, many expert mixing and mastering engineers select more than one pair of monitors to change between different listening “environments”.

What is an audio interface for?

Audio interfaces convert microphone and instrument signals into a format that your laptop and software can understand. The interface additionally routes audio from your pc to your headphones and studio monitors.

Why are the Apollo twins so good?

Apollo Twin is a properly idea out and portable interface that is a pleasure to use. It presents uncompromising audio high-quality and access to UA’s excellent library of active plug-ins, as nicely as interesting chances for modeling new Unison preamps.

Does the audio interface sound different?

Audio interfaces affect sound quality to a sure extent through amplification and conversion. However, all midrange interfaces have enough circuitry to stop distortion and loss of quality. So, when recording music, the greater expensive alternatives normally do not have an important impact on sound quality.

Do I want a mixer and audio interface?

As a general rule, you do not want a mixer and audio interface to record audio. You can use a hybrid approach, however, you may usually want an audio interface that converts analog to digital.

What is a good audio interface?

Build quality is a vital factor when selecting an audio interface, while durability, reliability, and experience are key elements that people are regularly searching for in an interface. Interfaces with metal chassis and knobs are best because they withstand knocks and bumps better.


The average lifespan of an audio interface is 5 to 10 years. If you go for a super cheap product, your lifespan may additionally be shortened, and the equal rule applies to high-end products that have a lifespan of about 10 years. I suggest you buy an audio interface; it is the best device ever.