Make a positive first impression of your property.

You never get the opportunity to make the first impression twice. Before buying a property or scheduling a visit or tour of the property, most people are likely to search online. And if you have poor-quality images and photos of your property on your website, those will not attract enough buyers.  That’s why a professional Austin real estate photographer can help make a positive impression on buyers.

Experience, knowledge and professional quality images

With time, technology continues to grow, evolve and reshape our world. It will not be wrong saying that smartphones can take high-quality pictures, but you need to know about editing, composition, timing and angle to land on that perfect shot.

Importance of hiring a professional real estate photographer

In this modern era, you might think that professional photography services have become obsolete since everyone has a smartphone with a high-spec camera. But that is not the case, as photography is an art form that requires a keen eye, dedication, craftsmanship and technical skills to make excellent creative decisions. We have:

Skills and expertise: our Austin real estate photographer has ultra-modern camera equipment. Our team of skilled photographers know how and when to use the right lens to achieve the best staging, lighting and angles for a shot.

Austin Real Estate Photographer

Perfected through editing: editing photos is a whole another skill. By hiring us, you can pass all those concerns to us, who know what we are doing. Our expert editors will use their skills to adjust the saturation, colors and brilliance of your photographs to enhance the image and quality of your property.

Meet your expectations: our photographers will always have your interest in your mind and always adapt to suit your requirements and preferences when it comes to breathing a new life into your property on a digital display.

Keeping up with the competition: having a professional real estate photographer with high-priced listings is important. As everyone is hiring real estate photographers, poor-quality property photos will make the property appear less available.

Our other amazing services include:

  • Drone photography: many businesses across several industries can benefit from drone photography. Whether you have a large property, an outdoor venue or just great background scenery, drone photography is the best way to showcase everything. So, get premium quality images, maps, data and videos of your property by one of our professional Austin drone photographers. Our certified team has the training and skills to complete the job on time.
  • Twilight photography: twilight shoots are shots that are taken at dusk. This is a great way to show off a home to its full benefit that a daytime shoot may miss. For instance, your house could have incredible lighting on the front door and around the path or a well-lit backyard for late-night socializing. So, a daytime shoot will not pickup up those glamorous aspects, while a twilight shoot will show them off. Furthermore, these twilight photos are great for a high-end home. House listings with these images get more attention as they look completely different and stylish, meaning more would want to buy your property.
  • Virtual staging photography: homeowners need a visual guide for properties to get a general idea about the property/house they are planning to buy. Virtual staging is a process of enhancing images of the property and its sections. It is an incredible way to show the full potential of a property.
  • 360 virtual tours:  this 360-degree virtual tour is an immersive experience. It allows Optica Photo’s customers to view a place from the comfort of their homes.  It is a digital tour of a recollection of an art gallery, hotel and most importantly, your home. With this facility, our customers will be able to view the whole property at whichever angle they want at any time of the day.
  • Our few other services are commercial architectural photography and commercial and residential photography.

Quality photography services for your property

  • Whether you own a big apartment, mansion, a small house or even a commercial space, we will provide every type of property.
  • We can confidently say that we are one of the most trusted photography companies in the industry. You have nothing to lose while working with us.
  • Our Austin drone photographer use top-of-the-line camera lenses/equipment and professional lighting gear.
  • Our photographers will work closely and understand your preferences and needs.
  • In addition, our pricing structure is straightforward, and our prices are affordable and reasonable.