There are many techniques you can use when wanting to source a local commercial photographer. Below are listed some of the main search methods that are recommended.

Local Printed Business Directories

Under the ‘Commercial and Industrial Photographers’ category, you are sure to find some suitable local photographers. Unless of course, you reside in a specifically rural region where you may have to search a little further afield. Many commercial photographers don’t opt for paid printed directories due to the proliferation of online directories that many times end up being a far more paying investment. Hence, it is highly recommended that you make an internet search so as not to overlook these photographers.

Online Directories

On the net, you’ll find a wealth of specialist photography directories and more generic business directories. The reputed ones will provide a handy link to their own home page of a commercial photographer in California, which is a big advantage over the printed directories. Like it is with the printed versions always try to narrow your search to just include ‘commercial photographers’; if not the majority of these results will be wedding and family portrait photographers. A useful search method if used well.

Search Engines

Google, Yahoo, Ask, MSN, Bing, or whatever you choose will surely present you with a large list of local commercial photographers. Like it is with all searches to narrow down your search to primarily include commercial photography, it is recommended that you type in ‘commercial ‘photographer your location’ or ‘photographer in California’. Failing that, replace your location with a nearby city or a big town. Don’t just click on the paid listings, or what is more just browse the listings on the first page. Simply because the photographer pays a fortune to be listed number one, either to Google Ad words or to an experienced SEO (Search Engine Optimiser), doesn’t actually make them the right person for your project.

Personal Testimonials

Word of Mouth is even today an effective marketing tool for any business and one that is recommended to use if searching for any local trade. A personal recommendation is at a premium. Ask them the maximum questions possible since you can and then witness the photographers’ imagery directly by browsing through the portfolio section of their website.

In this way you will get a good idea of whether or not you really like the style of the commercial photographer in California, since you won’t want to book a photographer only because they are reliable; you’ve got to love their work as well!

The Sum Up

Working on a personal recommendation is sure a good starting point and is a smart way of sidestepping as much risk as possible. Do however browse their website and don’t just solely dismiss other less known photographers in your area, since you may just be missing out on a real gem.