Dad and Buried is an anti-parent parenting blog written by a dad. He is unapologetic about his opinions, which are not based in science or the common wisdom. In the anti-parent style, he offers tips on surviving the parenting grind in a real, relatable manner. This blog is definitely worth a read for both parents and non-parents.

Mike Julianelle

Dad and Buried is a parenting blog by Brooklynite Mike Julianelle, and it’s a great resource for parents who are struggling with parenting issues. The blog’s witty content and real-life approach are a perfect combination for parents who are experiencing the pressures of parenting. Julianelle, who describes himself as cynical and sarcastic, acknowledges that parenting is difficult and is a constant source of stress. His goal is to create a safe space where parents can express their frustrations without fear of being judged or ridiculed.

A thirty-year-old Brooklynite, Julianelle uses his parenting blog to vent his frustrations and fears about being a parent. He describes himself as a pessimist and a cynical critic, but he is careful not to accuse other parents of having similar fears. Julianelle’s blog features advice for new parents, as well as his own experiences, and aims to give parents a nonjudgmental space where they can air their concerns and anxieties about parenthood.

While some people may find the content of his blog offensive, most of it is aimed at parents who are struggling with parenting issues. Although the content is very entertaining, some readers may find the tone too harsh. Julianelle’s style is mocking, so it’s important to keep that in mind when reading his posts. However, many readers will find the humor endearing.

Despite the anti-parenting message, the blog is full of useful tips for new parents. In an effort to create a space where parents can express their frustrations, Mike Julianelle’s blog has gained popularity. He has helped many parents and children alike. Read more at thetechinspire

His blog is an outlet for his frustrations with his parents

Dad and Buried the Anti Parent is a parenting blog written by thirty-something Brooklynite, Mike Julianelle. His tone is often cynical but not judgmental, and he tries to be sensitive enough to not hurt anybody’s feelings. Julianelle describes himself as a “counter-parent,” and his aim is to create a nonjudgmental space to air his frustrations and anger about his parents. His blog is not for everyone, though many readers find it helpful.

The anti parent blog has been running since 2013, and covers topics such as parenting. It has a unique perspective on parenting because it is written by a father who has been through it all. While some readers may find it difficult to relate to Julianelle’s frustrations with his parents, others may appreciate the humor it offers.

The author of the blog, Mike Julianelle, is a Brooklynite and newly married father. He writes about the changes in his social life and his responsibilities as a parent, hoping that other fathers and moms can relate. The posts are entertaining, but parents should be careful when reading them. In addition to raising awareness for rare health conditions, Mike Julianelle also hopes to provide a safe space for parents to express their frustrations without feeling judged.

Despite its controversial nature, Dad and Buried is a popular parenting blog that has a loyal readership. The website consists of posts by a thirty-year-old Brooklynite, who started out as a self-described anti-parent. In spite of his often cynical tone, the blog is nonjudgmental, and contains a lot of helpful information for parents.