It is common for employers to introduce drug testing procedures to their workplace in order to keep their environment, and employees as safe as possible. It is the responsibility of the employer to ensure their workplace is adhering to health and safety regulations. If you are an employer who suspects an employee may be using drugs, it is important to follow steps before issuing a drug test. You should never act on pure suspicion, and it is best to gather some level of evidence to back up your suspicion. To perform drug testing in the workplace, here are a few factors to keep in mind:

Check Your Work Policy

Before deciding you want your employees to take a drug test, you first must check that you own a drug and alcohol test policy. If your company policy does not include a specific drug and alcohol policy, you will have to contact a consulting form and discuss how to obtain this.

Ask For Consent

In order to carry out employee drug tests, you must ask for consent. Employees do have the right to refuse the test, and it is important to know this. Every employee must be aware and have a written agreement of consent to undergo the test. This may be stated in employee contracts.

Recruitment Drug Tests

It may be a good idea to carry out drug tests during the recruitment stages, before hiring. This allows for you to filter out any potential colleagues that may be victim to a drug problem. Drug testing at this stage can save the company time and money in the future as it can avoid increased absenteeism, termination, and low levels of productivity.

Respect Confidentiality And Privacy

It is your job as the employer to not name and shame your members of staff. If a drug test comes back positive, you should never share this information with anyone other than the person in question. You should ask each employee who underwent a test to come for a private and confidential 1-1 meeting where you can discuss results. You can also offer support and advice, as well as information on sick leave for rehabilitation if they find they are suffering from addiction and want to seek rehab.

Choose The Right Method Of Testing

There are many ways to carry out drug test procedures. You can collect a urine, blood, saliva, hair, and sweat sample to carry out a drug test. However, you should take into consideration the costs of each method, as well as what machinery may be needed to examine the sample and provide a result. Many workplaces have saliva tests. They are quick, easy, and reliable.

Final Words

Your employees are your greatest assets. Which is why, it is important to hire people who are professional and trustworthy to have a say in company decisions and be responsible for certain roles. It is also extremely important to make your employees feel safe, which is why you can take preventative measures to avoid drug users entering the company.

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