This is one of the most-asked questions now. The Indian authority has banned PUBG Mobile and 117 other Chinese apps due to security concerns. It’s sad news for a lot of PUBG Mobile players in this country. This ban means they can no longer play this exciting game in this country. However, there are some ways to play this game after the ban.

PUBG Mobile Is Banned In India

The Indian authority has banned PUBG Mobile and 117 Chinese apps. This is one of the most concerning news these days. It made a lot of PUBG Mobile players upset because they are restricted to play this exciting game in their country.

The authority banned these Chinese apps because they are afraid that many secured information can be stolen. Besides, China and India are having a border dispute. Therefore, the Indian government and authority have the reason for their block on Chinese apps. It’s an action to protect their country and national secured information.

The list of banned apps includes Rajkotupdates.News Games: Garena Free Fire & PUBG India
and many other games made in China. Then, they are seeking some methods to continue to play this game after the ban. Meanwhile, some other players also find alternative games like PUBG Mobile to enjoy similar gameplay and experience.

Before the list of banned apps is released, many PUBG Mobile players have prepared for the worst scenario. They have been searching for guides on how to play PUBG mobile if it is banned. It might be illegal in this situation. However, it’s hard for many players to say goodbye to the game they have been sticking to for a long time.

How To Play PUBG In Banned Country?

The very first and easy way to play PUBG Mobile in India after the ban is playing the Korean version. PUBG Mobile has many different versions, such as the Chinese version, the Global version, and the Korean version. Accessing to the Chinese version is not a wise choice now when the border conflict between China and India is still unsolved. You may get unexpected punishments if you download and play this Chinese game.

Hence, playing in the Korean version of this game can be a better answer to the question “how to play PUBG Mobile after Ban in India“. The Indian authorities just blocked the access to the PUBG Mobile global version. Therefore, PUBG Mobile players in India can still access to the Korean version. It’s very easy to play this game in the Korean version. Check out this guide on how to play PUBG in Banned Country without VPN here.

  • Download the Uptodown App Store to your Android devices.
  • Install and open the app.
  • Find and download PUBG MOBILE (KR) APK file.
  • Install and play this game as normal.

PUBG Mobile players in other countries can also use this tip on how to play PUBG if it is banned in your country. Or else, you can use a VPN to play PUBG Mobile in banned countries.

How To Play PUBG In Banned Country With A VPN?

Another way to play PUBG Mobile in banned countries is by using a VPN. This is a widely-used method of PUBG Mobile players in banned countries. They use VPN tools to change their IP address, cheat the ban system, and get access to the game. It’s also a way on how to play PUBG mobile after Ban that a lot of Indian players are using. Here’s a guide on how to use VPN tools to play this game in banned countries, including India.

  • Download a VPN App in your device. You can use the UFO VPN tool that is available on Google Play Store.
  • Change your region, for example, Singapore or Thailand.
  • Open the game app and play as normal.

This is an easy way to access the game after the ban. However, it’s illegal in PUBG Mobile. Therefore, you may get a ban on your game account when using these third-party tools when playing this game.

Alternative Games To Play After The Ban

Instead of trying to access the game, many players find alternative games to play after the ban. There are many exciting and interesting PUBG-like games to play in India and banned countries. Here are some suggestions that you should give a try:

  • Free Fire: this is one of the best choices for PUBG Mobile players in banned countries. It has similar gameplay and features. Moreover, it’s also a great choice for players with low-end devices.
  • Call of Duty Mobile: COD is also an exciting battle royale game like PUBG Mobile that you should try. It also has the Battle Royale and Team Death Match modes like in PUBG Mobile. You can also experience the game in FPP or TPP mode.
  • Fortnite Mobile: Fortnite is said to be the cartoon version of PUBG with similar gameplay and features. It also brings you exciting gun games and tense matches.
  • Battle Prime: this is another great choice for PUBG Mobile players to enjoy an interesting shooting game. If you cannot use one of these ways on how to play PUBG mobile after banned in India, you can give it a try. This mobile game won’t let you down.

This is a detailed guide on How to play PUBG in Banned Country. If you don’t want to cheat and use these tips on how to play PUBG if banned in Country, you can find other exciting battle royale games on mobile devices to enjoy. To update the latest PUBG Mobile game news as well as more tips and tricks for gamers, let’s visit our website.