A little percentage of Israeli families experience food insecurity at some point. The concept of food insecurity refers to a family’s inability to access and prepare food that meets their nutritional requirements, both qualitatively and quantitatively. 

In order to help the 10.6% of the population that is food insecure, Meir Panim has set up a non-profit organization. Charity For Israel works closely with local communities to ensure food security for them by meeting their food demands. This is due to our strong commitment to philanthropy in Israel. Everyone is welcome at Meir Panim’s eating centres. A server delivers hot, savoury meals to hundreds of people every day in a restaurant-style setting in our dining facilities.

Why you should consider Charity For Israel?

The people of Isreal are going through a tough situation. We can help them to arise from the situation and give them the life they deserve. A long-term financial crisis can also lead to food insecurity. Struggling families in Israel face numerous obstacles due to the current socio-economic climate. Even middle-class families find it challenging to keep up with household expenses. The poorer the Israeli population, the greater the risk. Israel’s government makes several attempts to help the poor, but it falls far short of ensuring food, clothing, and education for their families. It is obvious that these issues have disastrous consequences. Numerous children and families lack three nutritious meals each. Approximately 10% of the world’s population suffers from food insecurity.

Help Israeli Charities and Humanitarian Causes by donating

Meir Panim takes care of the elderly, disabled, and children who require help. As the others kept their distance in order to save their lives, we grew closer to the hungry and heartbroken people.  You can also be a part of our mission. Donate to Meir Panim and let’s make Israel great again.

Searching for an online donation site in Israel? 

Do you want to make an online donation to Israel? Meir Panim works around the clock to ensure that your donations are put to the best possible use for Israeli citizens of all sectors, regardless of religion, race, gender, or age, whether it’s providing direct assistance to impoverished Holocaust survivors, distributing food boxes to needy families, or teaching the next generation of Israelis about the importance of volunteering and mutual responsibility. Online donations to Israel from people like you are essential to our capacity to continue our work as the largest Israeli nonprofit fighting poverty on such a large scale.

Making A Difference Through Online Donations 

Around 1.8 million Israelis lived in poverty in 2018, with about 850,000 of them being children. Since 2000, we’ve been aiding local communities and families in Israel who are experiencing food insecurity in an effort to break the cycle of intergenerational poverty. Every year, we offer almost 650,600 free hot meals in Israel’s five restaurants, and we prepare over 34,000 meals just for children from low-income families. We are very transparent about the online donations we receive for Israel, and we have provided all relevant information to our contributors on our website.

The Online Donation To Israel: Supporting the Next Generation of Israelis

Meir Panim can assure you that your contributions to Israel will be handled with the highest care and expertise. Families, children, and lone IDF warriors can benefit from donations to Meir Panim. Your donations will go towards creating and delivering food packages to individuals in need. We offer unique food packages with vital food needs during Shabbat and holiday seasons so that no one feels alone or forgotten. It may temporarily improve people’s moods, but they, like everyone else, are free to enjoy a full, delicious dinner on special occasions.

Make an online donation to Israel through Meir Panim and assist in properly raising the next generation.