Getting paid as soon as you accept a job is not common in the ridesharing industry. With the new and innovative ridesharing service Ziphawk, drivers get paid instantly. Instant pay can transform ridesharing apps from unreliable, inconsistent services into thriving businesses. 

Fair compensation with the potential for immediate cashouts creates an incentive for drivers to perform their best. Here’s how Ziphawk is disrupting the industry to improve on outdated practices. 

Incentivized Independent Work

Drivers for ridesharing companies are considered independent contractors when tax time rolls around. The reality is that drivers make their own schedules on their own terms. If they don’t see the potential for fast, reliable earnings, they won’t perform desirably. 

Ziphawk incentivizes drivers to be the rulers of their workplace while providing instant rewards at all times. We know that many of our drivers rely on this pay to sustain their lifestyles, so we cut out the waiting period for cashing out earnings. 

Incentivizing independent workers is more important than ever in a world of freelancing and independent contracting. 

The Problem with Cashout Waiting Periods

Making drivers wait days, weeks, or even months to receive their earnings is not sustainable anymore. In today’s world, with digital payment services and instant billing, companies can’t reasonably expect independent workers like drivers to wait. They need their money as soon as they earn it. 

Banks often hold funds as pending income when people first cash out their earnings. This creates problems on multiple levels for workers struggling to make ends meet. If a bill goes through before the pending period is cleared, that driver is in a sticky situation. 

Instant pay resolves these issues while showing the driver that their work is valued on the spot. Without inconvenient waiting periods, drivers can work hard and access their compensation directly. This incentivizes drivers to turn Ziphawk into a thriving ridesharing service. 

Independent Workers: Risk vs. Reward

Many independent contractor positions, like rideshare driving, can pose more of a risk than a reward to a worker’s income. Drivers need reliable, consistent pay at their disposal to ensure that the effort and time they put in is worth it. When drivers feel valued and full of purpose, riders reap the benefits. 

Instant pay solves many financial problems for drivers and other independent contractors. In a world where customers are expected to pay for things immediately, instant pay just makes sense. 

Why Ziphawk?

When it comes to ridesharing services, Ziphawk has taken the industry by storm. With a variety of driver perks like instant pay, our services take ridesharing to the next level for both driver and passenger. We believe in modern business models that disrupt outdated systems that don’t work anymore. 

The ridesharing industry has the potential to take over the world of transportation. Use Ziphawk to support an ethical ridesharing company that values its drivers just as much as its riders.