Are you looking for an attractive tourist spot near Dubai, other than a desert safari? Hatta town is the best place for a one-day excursion. The reason is that this small town surrounded by the Hajar mountains is a complete package of thrill, joy, and adventure. Tourists travel long distances to witness the mesmerizing meetup of the earth with the sky and capture the mesmerizing beauty of natural landscapes. Moreover, it also provides the visitors with a lot of opportunities to perform action-packed and thrilling activities. 

Located near Dubai, Hatta is a small town with endless beauty to explore.  Hatta is the best gateway to enjoy water sports, mountain biking, hiking, and adrenaline-boosting. Its hill park and various restaurants or cafes make it an ideal choice for families to enjoy along with their children. Only Hatta heritage village is enough to add this small piece of land to your bucket. The reason is that it provides a glimpse of Arabian culture, traditions, and ancient lifestyle. 

Here we go to explore the features of Hatta tour that add it to the list of top tourist attractions of UAE. 

Places To Explore 

Hatta is enriched with places to attract tourists and visitors around the world. Some most popular sites are:

Hatta Dam: this mesmerizing bluish water body in the lap of the Rocky mountains of Hajar is worth spending time and taking pictures of. The natural terrains around the dam provide beautiful landscapes to witness the amazing creations of nature.

Swan Lake:  this place is ideal to bless your eyes with the white Angels of Hatta and amuses your ears with their sweet chirping. White swans swimming in the clear waters of the lake are the best scenery to capture memories. 

Hatta Fort: it provides a glimpse of Hatta’s history about the rulers, security system, weapons, and other traditions. 

Hill Park: located on the top of flat hills this lush green grassy park is ideal for children and adults to rest, and enjoy a  delicious barbecue.

Hatta Sign: located on the top of a rocky mountain this iconic sign of Hatta provides an ideal location for the tourist for capturing memories to cherish these moments for a lifetime. 

Bunch of Adventurous Activities 

This earthly heaven is a gateway to enjoying thrilling activities. From riding to hiking and swimming to boating, it provides visitors with all types of fun and joy. The most adventurous activities are:

Mountain Biking: the rocky track of Hajar mountain range provides an opportunity to enjoy mountain biking like a pro and nourish his hunger for the thrill. 

Horse Riding: it’s an amazing fantasy to ride over the beautiful horse and run with wind around the mountains and lush green grass Hatta. 

Boating and Swimming: Hatta dam and Lake are the best places to enjoy Kayaking, swimming, and boating. It provides opportunities to discover rare marine life. 

Paragliding: what’s more beautiful and mesmerizing than to witness all the beauty of Hatta in a single view. And paragliding is the best opportunity to enjoy this sight. 

Hiking: It’s impossible to visit Hatta and not enjoy hiking. Going through the rough, rocky tracks of mountains, and witnessing the beauty of Hatta from the peak of the mountain gives utmost pleasure to the visitors.

Explore Hatta Culture 

History explorers and Arabian culture lovers travel all the distances from Dubai to Hatta just to witness its heritage village. This small town with houses and buildings preserved from ancient times provides all the history of the Hatta to the visitors. 

Inside the village, one can witness traditional dresses, jewelry, musical instruments, weapons, and other items that present the culture or way of living of ancient Arabs. In the village, traditional hotel chefs are available that serve the visitors ancient Arab cuisines.  

Camping Experience 

Camping is a mandatory part of tourism. And Hatta wadi hub is the best place to enjoy this experience. The campsite facilitates the visitors with delicious barbecue meals, drinks, and entertainment of live dance performances.

Final Verdict

The charm and beauty of Hatta can’t be described in words. However, the above-mentioned features are worth spending time and money on visiting this place. So, make sure to include a Hatta trip to your itinerary when you visit the UAE the next time.