Wasps are the most common summer pests that are often found in the garden or lawns and even inside the house. They contain poisonous stings that can cause severe pain and allergic reactions. And some types of wasps are so dangerous that they can even cause the death of the victim. Therefore they are more dangerous to handle than other insects. However, professional wasps control in Langley, Surrey, and other areas of Canada can help you to remove them safely. 

Not only during the summer various types of wasps can also be examined in fall especially in inside areas because they build their nests in warm areas such as under walls, in crevices, rooftops, and vents to spend the hibernating season safely. There are several types of wasps and each shows different behavior in different circumstances. Often species are so aggressive and they can attack any person or pet close to their nest. Moreover, they can sting multiple times in a single attack and can inject massive poison into the body. 

Regardless of the type or strength of wasps, their immediate removal is crucial to avoid massive destruction and disease spreading. Therefore we enlisted here some effective ways that can help you to get rid of these sharp stinging insects. 

Traps Hanging 

Whether it’s rodents or insects including rats, mice, wasps, or hornets, various types of traps have been used since ancient times to catch and remove them from homes or workplaces. Therefore trap hanging is also an effective, and economic approach to getting rid of wasps. These wasps contain liquids or chemicals that can attract wasps, and when the wasps come in exposure to the liquid they trap in it and become dead. After that, the traps are removed carefully and discarded in the trash or drained away from the residential area. 

Home-made traps made with plastic or soda bottles can also be used for this purpose. Food residues, sweets, drinks, and water are the main source of attraction for wasps. Therefore, you can use any fruit syrup or simply sugar water to trap the wasps. However, this method is a bit risky. Therefore make sure to cover your body, face, or hands completely while hanging the traps. Always choose an outside location and evening time to hang the traps. 

Use Of Anti-Wasps Spray 

There are various kinds of insecticides present in the market that can be used to kill different types of wasps. They are usually used in the evening or nighttime when all the wasps are present in the nest and dormant state. Moreover, they can’t see you clearly in the darkness so the chances of an attack are very less in the evening.  Massive or large nests are treated with spray multiple times to ensure the death of all wasps. 

Don’t forget to take preventive measures while using the spray otherwise, it can also cause serious skin, eyes, and respiratory infections. 

Remove Wasp Nests 

Removal of nests can automatically send the wasps out of the home. Therefore make sure to not only remove the existing wasps but also take care of the areas that might be the target of wasps for nests building. 

To remove the nests wear protective clothes, gloves, and a mask or you can also use a helmet. Then heavily shower the nest with strong pesticide spray. Wait for the killing of all the wasps, then cover it with a thick bag, and remove it gently. However, it’s very dangerous to operate without complete guidance and a professional approach to tackling unplanned situations. 

Call Professionals 

Wasps are extremely dangerous insects that react more aggressively in case of a threat to their nest. All the above-mentioned methods are effective only for slight or medium-level wasps infestation. And a single mistake in treating the wasps can pose serious life threats. 

Therefore, make sure to call the local pest control experts for the safe and complete exit of all types of wasps. They not only treat the wasps with environmentally friendly manners and remove them completely but also provide professional advice to avoid re-infestation. 

Final Thought 

To sum up, wasps’ or wasps’ nest removal is not a cup of tea for everyone. And they require an extremely cautious, expert, or professional approach to get rid of them without damaging the surrounding environment, and causing any risks to human health. Therefore, calling a professional wasps control is always an ideal approach to enjoy your afternoon tea in the yard or garden safely.