If you’ve ever been robbed of your vehicle by a rat, you’ll know what an ordeal it can be to get rid of the vermin. They are intelligent and crafty, and all too often able to jump from a moving car undetected. But following these proven tips will keep rats out of cars.

Keep Your Car Clean

One way to prevent rats from getting into your car is to keep your car clean. Make sure you vacuum and clean all the nooks and crannies around the car. You can also use rat traps to catch rats trying to get inside your car. Also, use ultrasonic rat repellent for car to prevent the rats from damaging your car. 

Get Your Car Locked All Times 

Another thing you can do is to keep your car locked at all times. Rats are attracted to open cars, so make sure you keep your car locked up at all times. You can put rat deterrents around your car to keep them away. You must also use rat oriented automotive accessories online to keep rats away. 

Create Barriers Around Your Car To Prevent Rats From Entering

One of the best ways to keep rats out of cars is to create barriers around it. Rats are motivated by food, so creating barriers around your car will make it difficult for them to get to your food. You can use materials like wire mesh, chicken wire, or plastic wrap to create a barrier around your car to keep rats out of cars

Use Repellents

You can use repellents if you want to keep rats out of cars. Repellents work by making rats smell bad, which will scare them away. There are many types of repellents, so it is best to try a few and see which one works best for you.

Keep a spray bottle filled with water and your chosen rat repellent handy in case you need to repel rodents from your car quickly. Also, clean any areas where the rats have been caught on fabric or upholstery. This will help to prevent them from coming back. 

Use Motion-Activated Lights And Alarms

One of the best ways to keep rats out of cars is to use motion-activated lights and alarms. Rats are attracted to movement, so using these deterrents will scare them away. Plus, they will be constantly scared off by the noise of the alarm.

Don’t Leave Food on the Ground

Rats are opportunistic feeders. When they smell food, they head straight for it, but first they will check out all the potential hiding places and look for possible weaknesses or escape routes. This includes under car beds and seats, between the bodywork, inside your car and in the engine bay. They are also known to chew wiring from old discarded batteries and stereos.

 Put Your Keys In A  Rat-Proof Container to  Keep Rats Out Of Cars 

There are many different ways you can do this, from simple coin boxes to traditional lock boxes and plastic strongboxes. There are also DIY solutions that you can build yourself. You can also purchase a rat-proof container (if it’s made of metal, it will be harder for rats to chew through).

Park In An Area With A Lot Of Natural Lighting 

Rats are nocturnal creatures and their best hunting time is the hours around dusk and dawn. If you park in a well-lit area, you have a much better chance of seeing any rats that are about to board. So, make sure to avoid parking in too many dark areas.

Check The Undercarriage For Loose Fasteners and Leaks 

Rats love to nest in places with easy escape routes, so check for places where they might be able to gain access. The loose screws or nuts on the undercarriage, bumper bolts, air vents. Also, make sure they are not blocked by leaves and debris, sunroofs and exhausts.

 Use Peppermint Oil, Cayenne Pepper or Black Pepper 

Rats are highly repellent to the smell of peppermint and cayenne pepper, especially when mixed with other strong smelling items such as coffee grounds, garlic or onions. Anything that makes your car smell extra fragrant should offer some protection. Also, this will provide a fresh feeling to the car environment and make it look beautiful.


You can keep rats out of cars by following some simple steps.  Using repellents, barriers, and motion-activated lights, you can keep these pesky creatures away from your car and belongings. Educate others about rat prevention so that we can all keep our vehicles and possessions safe. Check out CarOrbis website for automotive accessories online that will help you to keep your car. 

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