Today, millions of people are using the Snapchat app to chat with their friends and families. The users of Snapchat are earning a score, that depends on their activity on this app.

 Let’s find out all about this Snapchat app and its snap score.

What is A Snap Score?

Snapchat has decided to reward the users that are more active on Snapchat. Basically, Snapscore is estimated by the frequency of messaging and posting photos or videos on the social networking app Snapchat. T

hat means how active you are on the Snapchat app. It is calculated on the basis of how many photos you have shared, how many stories you have sent, how many new videos you have discovered and many more factors is considered. 

Snap score is like the friends and followers list on other social networking apps. 

However, the points earned by this app are not much valued but it takes you to the fun by earning more and more points.

How to Check your Snapchat Score?

Snap score is your overall activity on the Snapchat App.

You can check your Snapscore whenever you want. For checking this snap score open the Snapchat app > profile icon > the number below the Bitmoji on top left corner of the screen is your snap score.

How do You Earn Points on Snapchat

For boosting your Snap score you have to be more and more active on your Snapchat app. Most of people don’t know how to get high Snap Score, So tricks to increase Snap score are given below:

 Here are some tricks to increase your snapscore.

  • Be engaged in sharing more snaps and stories on your app.
  • Keep messaging continues to your friends and families.
  • Watch and share more and more stories on the Snapchat app, this may boost your snap score
  • Watching more latest videos on your app may be helpful in increasing your snap score. 

These are the ways to boost your snap score.

Do Streaks Increase the Snap Score?

Yes, snap streaks are very helpful in increasing your Snapscore. Conversing continuously with your friends is the best way to increase your snap score. 

Adding celebrities to your friend list may also increase your snap score.  Along with it, you can also check the highest snap score in the world.


At last, we can say that the snap score is the point earned for making other Snapchat users more engaged and the app is getting used more frequently. 

Scoring such a point on Snapchat does have not any practical or functional value at all. 

We suggest you avoid any third-party app to increase your snap score as it may be the hackers.

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