It may seem somewhat of a misnomer or a poor match at the least, but modern innovative technology and the green economy are aspects of industry and business that go hand in hand. This article looks at how the aims of both modern technology and the green economy are aligned and provides some examples of opportunities within this alignment.

What Is the Green Economy and Sustainable Economic Growth?

The green economy emphasizes the use of renewable resources and energy in the execution of business. All aspects of business from internal administration, production, logistics, and sales are expected to be driven by green principles and designed for sustainability. There has, in recent times, been a much more concerted effort to promote and advance the global green economy, as the pressures of climate change and increased human overconsumption of resources have led to serious global concerns.

How Industrial Tech Has Advanced

Green Energy

The rise of the use of green and renewable energy instead of traditional carbon fuels has been one of the major industrial changes of our time. Solar, wind, and hydroelectric power are now regarded as the way forward for all industries, and there are now those who produce their own power in this way to reduce overall costs and ensure the reduction in the reliance on non-renewable sources of power and energy for factories and manufacturing.

Recycling at the Source

The improvements in tech to perfect, improve, and increase recycling and reusable materials have heralded a form of cradle-to-cradle industrial production. The idea is to fully recycle industrial waste and products themselves at the source to create and design new products.For example, companies all over the world make use of technologically advanced tech, such as technology and industrial machines, from places like Recycling Balers, and a more efficient means of transport and the sale or recycling of cardboard and paper waste, as a means of additional revenue.

Electrical Logistics

The use of electric fleet vehicles for logistics and transport has become one of the fastest-growing uses of electric vehicles. Whether it is in the loading and transfer of goods at the factory or warehouse,or even the actual long-distance delivery, it is now preferable to spend a little more upfront for hybrid or electric vehicles for all these logistics needs.


Automating industrial processes and systems throughout the production chain is one of the innovative technologies that has pushed the green economy forward. Whether it is the automated production lines that can run 24/7 with little to no human intervention, or the use of machines in jobs that have proven to be too dangerous and, therefore, non-sustainable. Automated industrial technology has served to push the green economy and sustainable jobs forward.

Technology and green innovations have been at the forefront of the green economy and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future. There is a direct relationship or correlation between the speed at which the green economy emerges and the rise of innovative and information-based technological advancement.