In this technologically advanced world, when we hear the term “Digital World, “then we only think about smart devices and smart technology. 

The advanced level of technology has changed the face of education too. There are many cities that fall under the tier-2 category, which means only 50,000 to 1,00,000 populations are there. So it is hard for those youths to get the proper resources and coaching for their education. 

Even nowadays, metropolitan cities are also facing the same situation because of too many crowds in those educational institutions. Gradually, the coaching centers are becoming overcrowded, and the quality of learning techniques is also decreasing.  

In this era, when everything is possible with just one click on your smart devices, then why will education be left behind? Software developers are giving opportunities to new generations to learn more even by sitting at home. It has not only made learning easy, but also it has reduced the stress on candidates. 

Top 10 Best Apps For Online Courses In 2022

Below we have mentioned some of the best applications where you can utilize the online courses. It has also increased the value of your education.

1) Meritnation

The E-learning application “Meritnation” is an all-in-one solution for students of 6 to 12 classes. In this application, you will get several scopes to enhance your academic skill. 

From homework to mock tests, the numerous practicing scopes will increase your study quality along with your knowledge. There are also available revision notes as per the respective classes, along with study materials and previous year’s board exam question papers. 

Not only does it provide school-level things, but it also provides courses for entrance exams such as NEET, and CACPT, and BBA and NDA. In case if you want to search about Medical Negligence then there are several courses regarding that as well. 

2) myCBSEGuide

The online education application “myCBSEGuide” has all the characteristics that a CBSE student requires. In addition, this application provides tons of opportunities like video lessons, mock tests, and questions based on the chapters. 

It also comes up with NCERT solutions for classes 3 to 12. One of the excellent features of this application is the “quizzes” feature, where you can play quizzes with your friends. While you are learning, it provides a gamified learning solution. So it will be easy for you to learn quickly.

The “myCBSEGuide” application has been considered by the students as the “best learning application” among all. 

3) Udemy

Another one of the most useful applications for online courses is “Udemy.” You can learn several things, such as creative writing, body language, and even yoga. This application is basically the smorgasbord of various topics. 

The special tutors of Udemy are available 24/7, so you don’t have to bother about clearing your doubts. Another biggest advantage of Udemy is it provides the scope where you can learn at your preferable pace. It means it allows you to learn as per the capacity you have. 

On the other hand, if you have a golden career or young children to look after, then you can request for instructions. They will suggest time management and teach you how to learn concentratedly. On this application you can also get to know about Human Rights which is very important to take part in any debate. 

4) Unacademy

The learning application “Unacademy” is one of the top-notch applications among all in 2022. It is especially for students who want to prepare for competitive exams such as NEET and JEE main. 

It offers coaching for government exams such as SSC, UPSC, etc. Not only that, but it also helps students by providing live classes, notes, quizzes, and mock tests. 

On this application, those features are available 24/7. One of the biggest advantages of this application is it basically maintains a standard pace that suits the candidates. It inspires the students by enhancing their skills. The “Unacademy” application is available for both the operating systems, such as iPhone and Android. 

5) Khan Academy 

Another great application for online learning is “Khan Academy.” It has a mission which is “providing excellent education for interested minds across the globe.” It provides recording videos of lectures, and it has been proven as a hugely popular application for youths all over the world. 

Therefore, if you are looking for a new innovative course, then this platform is the best suitable place for you to take it. After all, if you want to be a Real Estate Lawyer then you can take the law course of this application. 

6) edX

The e-learning application “edX” is another excellent application that has affiliated with the world’s famous universities. edX has over 2500 specific courses to choose from. It especially focuses on the humanities and natural sciences. 

On the other hand, if you want to broaden your knowledge, then it is a great platform for you. The specific languages and computer science are the most popular subjects at all. 

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7) FutureLearn

One of the best applications for online courses is “FutureLearn,” which is partly owned by the Open University in the UK. 

The short, “micro-credential” online courses are available in this application, and those courses are free of cost. Apart from that, after completing the online courses of this application, you will get a printable digital certificate.

8) OpenLearn

Another application that is run by the Open University is “OpenLearn.” This application offers free courses which come in three different levels as per the candidates’ capacity. The levels are introductory, intermediate, and advanced. 

The “OpenLearn” application allows you to select the courses based on your understanding and the time you can dedicate to them.

9) Codecademy

Another platform for code lovers is “Codecademy.” It assists you by giving excellent feature like live practicing of the code where you can learn on and work both. In addition, the offered courses of codes are designed so that they can be accessed easily.

10) SoloLearn

The learning application “SoloLearn” is one of the best programming learning applications. If anyone wants to sharpen their knowledge regarding computer programming, then it is a suitable application for them. Therefore “SoloLearn” is giving the opportunity to those youth who have the capability to learn such software things. 

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Last Words

Above, we have mentioned some of the best E-Learning applications all over the world. Apart from that, there are numerous online applications that give the best knowledge to the youths. Not only knowledge but also make the candidates capable enough to survive in the corporate sector. 

So, what are you waiting for? Just log in to those applications and enhance your skills and abilities to work further in the future. 

We hope you liked this article. In case you have any doubt, comment down below.