Every website built for growth & accommodating a considerable traffic volume must be hosted on a reliable and powerful web hosting server. After the progress in virtualization technology, the VPS USA has gained immense popularity and becoming the foremost choice of many website owners. 

The reason behind this is that the virtual private server is a highly cost-effective web hosting solution. With VPS hosting in the USA, you can gain many high-grade benefits & privileges of dedicated server web hosting at the most feasible pricing. 

However, it is necessary that you seek a dependable & top-notch web host for purchasing a virtual private server hosting plan for your website. This enables you to make the best use of your VPS hosting in the USA for your website efficiently. 

That is why, through this article, we have highlighted the leading data center that renders the best-in-class virtual private server hosting – Serverwala. 

Further, before you get the insights into Serverwala & its VPS USA, let us discuss the functioning as well as the significance of the virtual private server. 

What is VPS USA?

The USA VPS hosting operates on the technology of virtualization. It provides you with a private, virtual, and secure web hosting platform to host your website. A virtual private server is created with the help of virtual software. 

When the physical web server is divided through a ‘Hypervisor’, many virtual private servers are constructed. Each VPS functions autonomously and does not interfere with each other’s operations. It further lets you obtain the required web resources that dedicatedly operate for your website. 

Unlike shared server web hosting, the assigned web resources to your virtual private server are not shared with any other websites or virtual private servers. 

Therefore, VPS hosting in the USA also eliminates all the limitations & restrictions that one faces under shared server web hosting. 

Difference between Shared Hosting and VPS Hosting

vps usa

Mentioned following are the fundamental differences between Shared Hosting & VPS Hosting- 

Shared Hosting

  • The web resources are shared among all the websites residing on the shared server. 
  • You can customize your web hosting platform in a limited way.
  • You have to go with the operating system your web host operates on the web hosting server. 
  • Your website’s performance & functioning can be affected by the activities of other websites residing on the server. 
  • Anything wrong that happens on the shared physical server can interrupt the working and uptime of your website.

VPS Hosting

  • The web resources are distinctly assigned to every VPS operating on the physical server. 
  • You can customize your virtual private server hosting environment as you need & desire.
  • You can choose and run any operating system on the base of your virtual private server. 
  • Your website’s performance & functioning can not be impacted by the activities of other websites or virtual private servers residing on the server. 
  • Your virtual private server runs independently and does not get interrupted by what goes wrong otherwise on the physical server.

Top 7 Reasons to Buy VPS in the USA from Serverwala

As mentioned in the beginning, Serverwala is a highly reliable and renowned data center across the globe. It provides the best VPS USA plans at the cheapest cost. The data center ensures the hyper-scale web hosting services backed by resilient & modern technologies. 

It offers cutting-edge facilities and the support of enterprise-grade hardware to boost the performance of your website throughout. 

Here are some of the incredible key benefits that you get with Serverwala VPS hosting in the USA, which provide you the reasons to seek the data center for acquiring the most suitable VPS hosting plan for your website –

Service Level Agreement

With all the plans of VPS USA cheap, Serverwala offers a service level agreement that further assures the 99.90% uptime network. 

Softculoust One-click Installer

You get the Softculous one-click installer with the cheap VPS in the USA for absolutely free of cost. 

Unlimited Bandwidth

The data center provides you access to unlimited bandwidth to grow and support your website seamlessly. 

100% SSD Data Storage

You receive 100% SSD data storage for the fastest & smooth performance with consistent network connectivity. 

Advanced-Data Security Features

Your website acquires advanced security protection features, incorporating DDoS protection, SSL certificate, and much more. 

Control Panel Options

The data center offers the options of effective as well as user-friendly control panels with the VPS in the USA to let you easily host your website without any hassle or technical expertise. 

24/7 Customer and Technical Support Service

With Serverwala USA VPS hosting, you obtain round-the-clock technical & customer support service through proficient professionals & highly skilled experts. 


The virtual private server is an ideal web hosting solution that enables you to surpass the constraints as well as limitations of the shared server web hosting with utmost ease. 

Further, it lets you acquire the advantages of the dedicated server web hosting environment at the cheapest pricing. 

Moreover, since you obtain the isolated & independent web hosting platform with VPS USA, you need to make sure to effectively administer & manage your web hosting environment. 

However, you may not find yourself handling the entire web hosting platform on your own due to any reason. 

Thus, Serverwala data center also offers excellent fully managed web hosting services with cheap VPS in the USA. So, you can pick either managed or unmanaged web hosting services with the virtual private server as per your requirements. 

Check out the detailed website of the Serverwala data center to acquire more insightful information about its best VPS hosting plans in the USA- https://www.serverwala.com/usa-vps.