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When it comes to the living room interior décor, its décor is something like a continuous motion. It’s adding, removing, replacing, and even changing colors are always subjected for some people to maintain their status classily updated.

If we list up the top things a living room should have then window coverings are obviously on the top. As mostly the living room has tall windows than by this window blinds are the top picks, especially when you are living in Canada.

If you are just a little bit aware of Window Blinds then you probably know a fact that most of the blinds are subjected to specific places. So, here I’ll try my best to brief a query, are zebra blinds good for the living room or not?

In the living room, some things are badly needed, so we’ll check if zebra blinds are capable of providing those things or not.

Beauty And Class

First and foremost, the top thing a living room needs is classy looks. In today’s world, some people now didn’t have that affection for traditional décor while some still have, and many are just too obsessed with modernism.

Zebra blinds can satisfy both groups of people. From my point of view, zebra blinds are not that too traditional and even not too modern.

Zebra blinds are indeed very versatile in looks, not every blind gives you versatility in terms of looks. This is because they have alternate(repeated) horizontal solid and sheer stripes, inspired by zebra’s alternate black and white stripes.

As the cord is pulled, the alternate stripes start overlapping and this can be stopped and positioned on a desire, this is because the fabric is looped around two tubes. The catch is that you can have two different colors, different shades, and textures on it, at the same time.

This is not done yet, as zebra blinds have the functionality that their alternate stripes can overlap and position on a desire. So, adjusting them in a way that solid stripes overlap over solid ones gives you another look than if you do solid over sheer stripes.

Outclassed Privacy And Light Management

Every window blind is known for some of its capabilities. Likewise, zebra blinds are known for their pro-level unique functionality. In many major types of blinds, somehow either someone’s design or not then surely their material, makes them lack in maintaining privacy and light at best.

This is not the case with zebra blinds at all. Their design and their material, both are well-contributors in their high-end privacy and light management functionality.

First, understand a few points, zebra blinds have some similarities to roller blinds, indeed zebra blinds are considered a hybrid or pro version of roller blinds. Both have a single panel and even the same mechanism.

Zebra blinds, do have a single panel but their design turns this single panel, into what seems like two panels. This is because zebra blinds have two tubes instead one, it is in roller blinds.

The panel loops around two tubes and seems like two panels, back and forth, by going up and down it start rolling around the tubes as it moves. Because zebra blinds have alternate horizontal solid and sheer stripes, they start overlapping because of the back and forth effect.

For ultimate privacy, place solid stripes over the sheer stripes. This will align all the solid stripes over the sheer ones. This will impressively block all the light because sheer stripes, from which light can pass are now covered.

For light filtration and reasonable privacy, place solid over solid stripes, and vice versa sheer over sheer. And there you can have reasonable light and privacy also.


Often, the living room is crowded and the need for a durable window covering becomes more crucial when there are kids. Zebra blinds are right on target when the target is durability.

The material from which zebra blinds are made out of is not very common in window coverings. They are made of high-end PES material which is a kind of polyester and polyester on its own a kind of synthetic material.

Keep a thing in mind, that synthetic materials are way more impressive in providing durability regardless of the type of place they are used. Some of the reasons are that they are waterproof.

Being waterproof means, easy to clean and maintain also. The also a fact that synthetic material-based window blinds like zebra blinds didn’t get dirty and dusty easily. If they get so then it is just a damp cloth or a quick vacuum is required to clean, and that’s how they can last long for more than 7 years.


Hopefully, I’m thinking that you are thinking that these blinds are surely going to expenses because of such advanced features. Well, this is going to be sharp for you that they don’t.

Like roller blinds, Zebra Blinds are also quite surprisingly affordable, and handsomely budget-friendly. Opt to use them for tall windows, especially if you are in Canada living with those detached homes because they look and feel much more classy and mature there than if you put them on small windows.