Privacy of your Internet activities

Have you ever noticed that the advertisements offered by social networks or any web page change according to your previous searches? It is enough that you have spent ten minutes comparing cell phones on Google to find yourself with sponsored ads of different smartphone models all over your screen! No wonder that since your every step on the net is monitored and used. Let’s see how iTop VPN  help youto protect your privacy.

And that can be very disturbing: no one wants to know that Big Brother is monitoring and analyzing everything you do on the net

Fight against cybercrime

Today, antivirus software may no longer be enough to thwart the traps of web hackers. Indeed, these hackers take advantage of every flaw in the system to reach you and recover:

Your personal files (photos, documents, etc.);

The passwords of your various accounts;

Your personal data;

Your bank details…

And let’s not forget other harmful actions such as:

The spread of viruses;

Identity theft;

Contamination of multiple connected devices;

Hacking an online service;

Fraudulent subscription to offers on the Internet…

The VPN makes it possible to avoid all these setbacks. Indeed, even if cybercriminals manage to access your data (which is already very complex in itself), it will be unusable, because it is completely unreadable thanks to encryption.

Secure access to all online content and services

In several countries around the world, certain sites and applications are censored and trying to access them can endanger the Internet user. This is the case, for example, of China, Iran and Burma. If you like to travel, this can be a problem!

Without going to this extreme, some streaming platforms can also restrict their access depending on the location of the user’s IP address. Everyone can تحميل vpn للكمبيوتر مجان  and use it.

So, whether for professional or personal reasons, browse how you want and where you want thanks to the iTop VPN. Your disturbing IP address is masked and it is impossible to identify the country where you are located.

How do I change my IP address with a VPN?

The IP address is your passport, your identity card, your papers on the net. Because of this unique series of numbers, anyone can know everything about you: your location, the brand of your device, your screen resolution and many other information that you would like to keep to yourself.

So, whether it’s for torrenting in peace, bypassing censorship in certain countries or accessing foreign streaming platforms, changing your IP address is essential.
Good news: you can change your IP address in just a few clicks with a itop VPN !

Indeed, the latter will use the IP address of its own server to hide yours and protect your identity. No one will be able to know where you are and what you are really doing. Anonymity guaranteed!


However, the use of a VPN is strongly recommended. Yes, smartphones contain a lot of ultra-sensitive information. Because who does not check their bank accounts via an application from their mobile