If you’re someone who loves to surprise and delight family and friends with stylish, unique and thoughtful gifts, coffee table photo albums definitely need to be at the top of your inspiration list. Large, luxurious and heavy photo books add a touch of interior décor glamour and elegance to any living space, and make exceptional gifts for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and other milestone celebrations.

If you’re close to completely exhausting your shopping list of go-to gifts for any occasion, here are a few reasons why it’s time to trade in the usual bottle of wine, toiletries or foodie items for an unforgettable gift that is made to last…

The Power Of Reminiscing

It’s important to regularly take time out of your busy life and to reminisce over happy days, milestone events and other memorable occasions. While you may be able to recall many memories of days gone by in your mind, it’s impossible to bring the occasions back to life without the aid of photographs. Coffee table photo albums are the perfect medium for displaying prized photos of the magical moments that matter to you the most.

When presented as a reminiscing gift, a photo album shows your love and gratitude to a loved one. Being able to reminisce about the good old days can bring a great deal of joy and comfort to people of all ages. Older folks love and appreciate the sheer pleasure of holding a physical book in their hands that contains visual proof of the past. Browsing these photos at leisure for hours will definitely be time well spent.

Younger people often also enjoy dipping in and out of the past, and viewing highlighted snaps whenever they need a pick-me-up. A smaller sized reminiscing photo album makes an excellent gift for the homesick young person who’s away at university, or the gap year traveller who’s visiting far-flung places.

Timeless And Prized

Although the ease and convenience of modern technology means that many people now readily share their special moments on social media platforms, there’s simply nothing quite like relaxing on the sofa while flipping through the pages of a beautiful photo album filled with happy memories. A bespoke hardbound photo book is an absolutely timeless gift, and is designed to show off your favourite images and to bring each photo back to life, while also preserving the memories for many years to come.


Coffee table photo albums are cool and classy contemporary gifts that keep on giving. Because a luxurious premium quality photo album stores and preserves your favourite images for decades, it’s a gift that can easily transform into a family heirloom and legacy.

An elegant and stylish bespoke photo book that is coffee table worthy makes a great gift for a couple embarking on the adventure of married life. When the pages of the lookbook are filled up with gorgeous snaps of their romantic love story, the arrangement instantly becomes a cherished and prized possession.

Photo albums encourage the preservation of memories so that future generations can also benefit from viewing enjoyment, and the sense of belonging that comes with having access to a treasure trove of keepsake old photos.

Unique And Customisable

Modern photo books offer unlimited presentation options that complement all types of photographer.

The keen amateur photographer will love sharing their collection of birthday celebration, holiday and hobby snaps with family and friends. For maximum visually impact, the images can be arranged in themed photo albums that create an immersive viewing experience for the browser.

Professional photographers may choose to display their talents in wow factor images that are beautifully curated and presented in magazine style layflat photo books. The seamless double page spreads are perfect for spectacular landscape shots, and dramatic candid portrait poses.

As a gift, photo albums provide a fantastic way of expressing creativity, customising ideas and themes, and sharing it all with the world.

The Ultimate Personalised Gift

Coffee table photo albums can save you considerable time, effort and energy, especially if you happen to have friends that are notoriously different to buy for.

To please the pickiest of people, choose a luxury photo album and create the ultimate personalised gift. Take your time curating a striking selection of images that tell a whole story from beginning to end. This style of personalisation is ideal for a milestone birthday surprise, a special anniversary, an engagement or a wedding.


You can also create an adorable personalised photo book that’s filled with cute photos of your children, and gift it to doting grandparents at Christmas. To make the smiles on their faces even bigger, encourage your brood to include personal messages. Text in the form of captions, comments and anecdotes help to bring the images to life, and will also jog the memory of past, forgotten events.

It’s A Guilty Pleasure

Not all coffee table photo albums are made for gifting or sharing. You may prefer to celebrate a personal milestone or occasion by treating yourself to a gorgeous fabric covered photo album that is for your eyes only.

If you want to enjoy a photo book alone, indulge yourself at every moment. Curl up on the sofa to browse your favourite snaps at leisure. Putting on some nostalgic tunes will help to awaken forgotten memories, and enhance your down memory lane viewing experience. Photo album browsing is also a great distressing activity that benefits your wellbeing.