Websites that accommodate a considerable amount of traffic or are operated to advance on the Internet need to be hosted on a powerful & reliable web hosting server. Every website owner with a good amount of experience in the web hosting industry knows that the ultimate web hosting server to host such a website is the Dedicated Server Chicago. With dedicated server hosting, you get the possibility to overcome any limitation or constraint that one may encounter under other web hosting servers. It provides high processing power and the ability to handle any workload with utmost ease. 

On the other side, you obtain independent & private web hosting platforms with dedicated server in Chicago. The entire server operates solely for your purpose and you acquire all the resources of your server, which dedicatedly work for your website. This further gives you the responsibility of running & managing your whole web hosting server efficiently. There are many website owners who may not have time or enough expertise to do so. 

This is where the significance of the control panel comes into the scene. With the right control panel, you can easily and effectively host your website on the dedicated server Chicago. Jump into the sections below and know the functioning and benefits of the control panel when it comes to dealing with the dedicated web server. 

How Can Control Panel Manage Your Dedicated Server Hosting?

With the control panel, you can easily administer the following things while hosting your website on a dedicated server hosting- 

  • Handling multiple accounts
  • Customizing the web hosting environment 
  • Monitoring your resource usage
  • Configuration management
  • Allocating the web resources, and much more. 

How Dedicated Server Chicago Play Main Role With c-Panel?

Your web host can provide you with root control access to your dedicated web server via cPanel. The cPanel helps you install and run any OS, apps, and other programs required by your website. Moreover, it enables you to manage, monitor, and operate your dedicated server on your own without any restrictions or interference. 

Where Can You Get a Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting in Chicago?

At Serverwala data center, you can acquire the aptest Chicago dedicated server hosting plan or package for your website at the cheapest rate. The data center is the industry-leading web host across the globe. It is highly recognized for providing user-friendly, cost-effective, and most prevalent control panels with dedicated server web hosting, including cPanel, Plesk, and WHMCS. Moreover, With dedicated servers Serverwala ensures the support of resilient technologies, rich hardware tools, and top-tier equipment for your website’s seamless performance. 

Benefits of Best Dedicated Server Chicago From Serverwala

Here are some of the amazing benefits you receive with Serverwala’s cheap dedicated server Chicago. Let’s have a quick look at them!

24/7 Technical & customer support service

Serverwala data center provides 24/7 technical & customer assistance with its all plans & packages of a dedicated server in Chicago. Its team of proficient professionals & highly skilled specialists make itself available round-the-clock to offer you instant & most promising solutions to all your queries and server issues. You can connect with them anytime via multiple modes of communication. 

99.90% Uptime assurance

Your website achieves 99.90% uptime network assurance with the data center’s best-dedicated server Chicago. It also gets the access to highest as well as consistent network connectivity with redundant power. So, you get the assurance of almost zero downtime for your website. 

7 Days credit back guarantee

With all the Chicago dedicated server hosting plans & packages, you obtain the 7 days credit back guarantee. personal trainer fort lauderdale beach beach This helps you to be confident that your money investment and time will not be wasted. Also, you get the assurance of the company’s integrity as well as high reliability. 

100% SSD data storage

You obtain 100% potent SSD (Solid State Drives) data storage with your dedicated web server instead of traditional Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) data storage for your website. This enables your website to acquire the fastest speed and optimal performance. Also, SSDs consume much less power than HDDs and do not cause wear & tear. 

SSH root control 

Serverwala data center lets you attain the SSH root control of your dedicated web server. This allows you to operate, configure, and maintain your web hosting platform exactly in the way you require and desire. Moreover, since the data center provides you with user-friendly and most beneficial control panel options, the administration task becomes quite easier for you. 

High-level data protection

With Serverwala’s cheap dedicated server Chicago, your website also acquires the most advanced data security features against all outside attacks. These features incorporate DDoS protection, malware scan & protection, free SSL certificate, and many more. 


The dedicated server in Chicago can be the perfect web hosting solution for an extensive range of websites on the Internet. It offers high stability, robust data protection, high-level flexibility, and SSH root control access. Moreover, at Serverwala data center you get the privilege to pick the most suitable control panel with the best dedicated server Chicago. 

Also, the data center offers fully managed web hosting services for those website owners who do not wish to take charge of their web hosting platforms due to any reason. Visit the official & informational website of Serverwala now to gain further details about its leading yet best fully-managed as well as unmanaged dedicated server hosting plans & packages.