If there is a lot of traffic present on your website, it can be a clear indicator showing that you have definitely established a name for your business in the digital world. It can be quite meaningful as both traffic and business image are the important factors that affect the SERP page.

You need to realize that potential customers won’t continue to browse your website if it loads slowly. Also, if you have a slow performance rate, your session time will be reduced, and the website’s bounce rate will rise.

The loading speed of your website is a key factor that will show you the performance level overall. Also, it can be a key factor in search engine rankings as if your website is performing low, you won’t get placed in the top results.

Thus, if you want high-speed performance for your business website, the best choice will be to use a VPS in Malaysia. 

Serverwala offers great deals for you to obtain the best performance results, read this post to learn further about how to boost the performance of your website with the Best VPS Malaysia Hosting.

What is VPS Malaysia Hosting?

When a large physical server gets partitioned into multiple virtual servers with the use of virtualization technology, that process is called a VPS. 

In this technique, a massive physical server is shared by multiple websites as each user would receive their own virtual private server. to operate their personalized operating system and resources.

A VPS hosting setup generally functions as a midpoint between a dedicated server and a shared server services framework. Because each user obtains dedicated resources on the private server all to themselves even though cheap Malaysia VPS operates on the shared server foundation. 

Also, since it is shared with other website owners, you can easily purchase the VPS in Malaysia for low cost than a dedicated server, which makes it a popular option for Malaysian online business owners.

Advantages of using Serverwala VPS Hosting Malaysia

VPS Malaysia

As a business owner who wants to grow and develop website performance, it becomes quite essential to select a reliable service provider that can assist significantly in your path to success. Serverwala is one of the best-suited VPS providers in Malaysia for your website requirements.  

As one of the top hosting providers in Malaysia, Serverwala manages to offer a range of hosting services. Although, there are countless VPS providers present in the market. Serverwala’s high-quality services help them to stand out from the competition. They have the reliable infrastructure and top-notch security for VPS hosting. 

Here are some of the key advantages that will help you better understand the significance of Serverwala VPS Malaysia.

Improving Performance Level

You will get to experience more pleasing and better website performance if you invested in VPS hosting Malaysia. 

With Serverwala VPS, you don’t have to continue sharing the server’s resources with others, unlike with a shared server setup. 

It implies that your website won’t suffer or get impacted when other websites are consuming extra resources or get infected with a virus. Your company’s website will get all it needs and wants to operate skillfully to draw out more visitors to your business.

High Control and Power

Business website owners would notice a high level of control over the server’s space and resources when they purchase a VPS hosting from Serverwala. 

You will be granted full root access, implying unrestricted access to the resources. This will help you in installing any software or online program you want. 

You notice to mark higher performance with smooth functions of your website when you are given a high level of control over the server’s capabilities.


Now when you buy a VPS Hosting Malaysia, you must not have full control and command over the resources, but you are also given the chance to configure and customize those resources to your preference. 

Serverwala VPS in Malaysia makes it quite simple to scale and upgrade your resources such as RAM, bandwidth, and safety measures depending on your need. 

In an event that your website is experiencing a notable increase in traffic, scaling some key resources can help to ensure that it will not suddenly crash and continue to operate at high speed.

Low Expense

When you buy VPS hosting in Malaysia, you will be surprised to learn that it is not as costly as you must have imagined it to be. The most useful services are available to you at a suitable cost with Serverwala plans and packages. 

They offer some of the most cost-effective options by delivering services at different ranges of prices created on the server configurations basis.

Boosted Security

In a VPS hosting environment, you are not forced to share the server with some random unknown website owners. This helps in high-security measures to protect you from online risks. 

Also, Serverwala equips you with strong safety standards that help you fight malware, hackers, and other threats that could endanger your website functions. You are free to install a security program or application you prefer to safeguard your hosting service.

24×7 Assistance

Serverwala has managed to gain high praise and recognition by delivering the best quality support for the technical issues faced by website owners. 

When and if you face any type of challenges to your web hosting service you can reach out to them at any given moment.

How to Boost your Website Performance with Serverwala VPS Server Malaysia

The speed of your website can be impacted by various factors, so need to give the right amount of attention to it if you want the best performance of the website. 

Serverwala VPS hosting in Malaysia can be used to your advantage when you want to boost website performance. 

It suggests that when you place your website on a VPS hosting arrangement, you will be given some of the best resources that in return it produces the best outcomes. 

The performance of your website will boost if you choose VPS Malaysia hosting, but still you can make some changes as well. 

Some of the ways that could help you boost the performance of your website are listed below:

You can check the Page Loading Speed

You can easily improve the performance of your website by simply managing to test page loading speed. This can help you pinpoint the major problem causing sections affecting the slow price of your website. 

With the help of tools like GT Metrix, page speed insights, and others, you can discover how to navigate problems effortlessly.

Remove the Non-Essential Plugin

If you operate a website on your own, you must know that plugins play a key part in developing your website efficiently. Plugins are effective tools that assist you along the way to creating a website experience for your visitors. 

However, these tools take up a considerable amount of space, in turn, impact the speed of the website. 

Also, when you have outdated plugins that need to be upgraded to a newer version, then there is a strong security risk threatening your website. It is advised to remove or delete the plugins that you don’t use or that have been outdated.

Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Content delivery network or short in CDN is used to deliver content with great ease. In this scenario, your website will obtain cache copies, so it helps to lower the time spend between visitors’ browsers to the server network data transfer.

Also, it helps in page loading time because the content will get delivered quickly.

Utilize some third-party Services and Platforms

The visual aspect of your website can grab the eyes of potential buyers more quickly. But to have various kinds of photos and videos placed on your website. It will consume a great many resources such as heavily impacting the storage space. 

But if you utilize some 3 party services or platforms, this won’t affect your website performance at all.


Now that we have come to the end of this post, it will be safe to assume that a reliable VPS Malaysia hosting network will boost your website performance for the better. It can help you handle high volumes of traffic and improve better management of your resources altogether.

Serverwala VPS Server is an inexpensive, scalable, and secure way to improve website performance. 

In this post, we added some ways for you to implement while using VPS Server Malaysia to enhance performance levels.

Try to look for more aspects that can help you reach your preferred position in the market. Visit Serverwala today.