Are your kids under age 3 to 4 are willing to go to school and quick at picking things? If yes, then you are one of the lucky parents in this world. However, it is not identical in all cases. Many kids don’t want to enter school even from an early age, and they have set their minds to not pay heed to any of your arguments related to this. Getting your kids ready to attend school for the first time in their life has never been an easy task. You cannot simply drive to school and let them stay there for hours. You have to prepare them mentally for this time. 

Doing so is not everyone’s piece of cake. However, you don’t need to worry if your kids show the same attitude of not going to school as many other kids. You just have to enroll them in a school readiness program in Dubai, and your children will be prepared by exceptional teachers and psychiatrists for school. Wait a minute! You don’t know what a school readiness program is. Don’t worry! We are here to guide you in this regard. You are going to receive every information related to this program. Let’s start exploring what a school readiness program is. 

What is a School Readiness Program

It is commonly abbreviated as SRP as well. It is a simple learning program related to your kids. The aim of this program is to prepare your kids under age 3 to 5 to attend their kindergartens at school. Kids don’t know what to do at school and how to behave there. You may not have time due to your strict schedules to train your kids in this regard. A school readiness program will do this job for you. Moreover, the use of advanced techniques will make your kids learn more quickly.

The best thing about a school readiness program is that your kids will experience a practical school life for a while. Though a school readiness program is pretty flexible as compared to regular schools, it still teaches a lot of things to your kids. After this program, your kids will not feel like odd person in school. 

Building Blocks of a School Readiness Program

Following are the building blocks of every school readiness program. Enroll your kids in a program only if it ensures you all of the following things. Moreover, it must have a good reputation as well. Let’s catch a glimpse of the building blocks of an SRP. 

Self Regulation

The program must introduce some self-regulation in your kids. After completing the program, your kids must be able to do certain things independently. They must have the ability to obtain and maintain their emotions. They must be trained well to perform several school activities. They must also be told about the use of energy for different tasks.

Receptive Languages

A good SRP will teach your kids about receptive languages. All the possible receptive languages of the region must be prepared for them. The kids must understand what they have been told in these sensory languages after completing the program. This is a significant step toward getting them ready for school. 

Expressive Language

Kids must also know how to express their feelings via words. Whatever children feel, they must have some words to tell their parents or guardians about it. Therefore, an SRP must focus on the expressive language of the kids as well. Make sure to teach them well about their mother tongue and some other language if it is popular in the state to express themselves. 

Social Skills

It will be challenging for your children to survive at school for the first few days. It will become more complex and prolonged if they don’t manage to make some good friends and develop relations with teachers. Therefore, SRP must focus on the social skills of the enrolled children. These skills will enable them to behave well in school. They will also start developing new relations. 


If your kids are aging between 3 to 5 months and you are worried about getting them ready for school, then enroll them in SRP in Dubai. They will get prepared for school at the end of this program.